June 19 2007

sleep and volunteer work at the hospital.
then band camp!!



what are everyone's awesome summer plans?


June 08 2007

one more day,

and i gotta say...
gahh, i gotta stop writing in rhyme.

so almost sixteen.

June 04 2007

new phusebox huh?

wow. this is definitly....different.

so...i'm almost sixteen.
i don't feel any different.
i'm so glad it's summer.
words could never express my relief.


favorite picture ever. ^_^
gotta love those kids.


May 06 2007

i definitly love jazz fest.
[but not when it rains.]
this weekend kinda blew.
and i have a headache.
i cant wait until it stops raining all the time.
i want it to be sunny!


March 22 2007



March 09 2007

bassoon. makes me happy. =]
*scratches head*
i forgot how to.
but i still miss last year.
6 days until chicago!
woo ^_^

fun stuff.

February 19 2007

military ball.
[[and then ihop.]]


February 04 2007

solos are scary.
[[a lottt.]]

yayness! =]


January 17 2007

hey i think you're cute
would you like to be my new best friend?
we can talk for hours or just lay in bed
you're just the kind of kid i could grow old with
so won't you walk with me to the park up the road
i told you that i'd be right back
you said that i'll be the judge of that
'cause see boys they have a tendency of running from me
as fast as they can i don't know why
and i just laughed and asked if you'd like a coke or some sort of assorted beverage from the diner up the road
if so, you should walk with me
feel free to hold my hand
feel free to kiss me on the cheek even though i'd prefer the lips

hey i think you're groovy
would you wanna see a movie with me?
we can sit in uncomfortable seats and eventually
i'll get the nerve up to put my arm around you
can i put my arms around you?
'cause i'd sure like to
it'll be like an episode of boy meets world
except without the commercials
and i'm just fine with that
how about you?
i like the way you talk
i like your died black hair
i love your halfass accent you stole from the foreign movies
i like your pretty eyes
and how you're afraid of the dark
well i am too, so would you like to take a walk with me
through a well-lit park just up the block
i'll be the bright side of your bad day
i'll be the bright side of your bad nights
i'll be the bright side of your bad day
if you'll be mine

 Backseat goodbye ♥


what do you say to someone when it needs to be said but you dont want to ruin a friendship?


[[I'm so glad i said something.]]


January 14 2007

pretty sure i love it when people you haven't talked to in forever randomly call or message you out of the blue.

just another emo blog.

January 09 2007

i'm tired of lying to myself and everyone else.
i'm not happy with the way things are right now.
and i know it sounds horrible...
but it's the truth.


January 06 2007

  pretty sure bowling for soup is my new favorite band ever


January 02 2007

new family member. ^_^
we're thinkin bout namin her darla.

[[chase is jealous.]]

name suggestions pretty please?


December 29 2006

the other night i had a dream that i had cancer.
the doctor told me i only had a short time to live.
looking back on my life i didnt like how i had lived it.
i felt remorseful.
absolutly hopeless.

and then i woke up.

maybe i need to make some changes...


December 24 2006

today i painted the bathroom! ^_^

the wonderful world of holly.

December 19 2006

can it be?
yes, that's right folks.
an update from yours truly.

not much has been going on lately.

just a lot of this^^^

a little bit of that ^^^^

maybe a little of that ^^^^

and this.

yep. he definitly makes me smillle.


November 01 2006

don't let phusebox die!
myspace is eating the internet!

holly misses marching band.
and she's decided boys aren't so bad afterall.
especially this certain one...

no school on friday!
holly likes life right now.


October 06 2006

did phusebox die?

fall break.

October 02 2006

sleep is good.
: )


September 23 2006

too bad it rained.
: [


September 20 2006

hmm. what's been going on lately...
been practicing bassoon like crazy.
during luch, after school, on a pencil during class.
i need a life.
so another band comp this saturday.
that means even less sleep and more sunburn.
are you guys pumped or what?!


September 10 2006

what is it that makes people completely terrified of change?
(and commitment)
oh yeahh! made an A in math. that's like the first time since like what? fourth grade?
yep yep.
things are good.

this reminds me of day cares and stuff where everyone is doing something completely different.
heck yes i love the flutes.


August 30 2006

he said yes.


August 27 2006

: )


August 19 2006

  band is going swell.  
  school is going okay too.  
  but there is one thing i need to say to a certain someone.  
  i just dont know how he'd react.  
  or what he'd say.  
  but i dont want to spend a forever regretting not saying anything. 


  today the trees called out your name. they wanted to know why you were so sad. i wanted to tell them but i didnt know either. you keep to yourself these days and no one knows why. his voice is still in my head and not leaving anytime soon so when the rain comes to your door come meet me outside and we can let the rain run her fingers through our hair and let the music steal our hearts. you dont need to understand how or why, just for onece let the music take control. one. two. three. one. two. three. let your feet do the talking. this runs through your veins. dont ever let the music die.