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Tennessee Tech

...i love college

November 19 2006

so life is amazing. would be even better if it weren't for those pesky classes.

im mega excited about going home for thanksgiving.  sleeping in my own bed.  eating real food.  sitting on a couch.  having my own room.  showereing without flip flops.  taking a bath... not a shower a bath.  going to calvary, i miss that place like crazy.  getting to see my family. 

but after that we only have like 3 weeks of school.  man i cant believe my first semester of college is almost over.  you guys think time flies in high school... just wait.

and just so you know if you're worried about college at all... dont be.  its amazing.  just pray it up.  pray over every little detail.  God will come through.  trust me.

much love!!

so pretty sure Jesus loves me

September 12 2006

so, when i left for school i was not nervous about classes.  i wasnt worried about living on my own.  i wasnt worried about other random stuff that i guess i was supposed to worry about. 

 i WAS worried about finding strong Christian friends.  i prayed that God would send me amazing Christian kids to hang out with and grow in my relationship with Christ alongside.  well God does answer prayer.  i have an amazing group of kids who love God so much.  ive learned so much from all of them already.  and i love them.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight."  Provebs 3:5&6


September 09 2006

so lovin this college thing.  it pretty much rocks.  ive met some really kewl kids.  & weve had a total blast.

did anyone know that if you watch a movie on a big tv in the media room that its against copyright laws & the retarded ra will kick you out?  its true.


August 24 2006

so i got to school on tuesday night & got everything set up.  it was quite excting.  everyone kept telling me that i was gonna cry when mom left & stuff.  but i didnt.  maybe thats odd, but ive been so ready to leave for so long that there was nothing sad about it.  maybe its because right now it just kind of feels like a massive summer camp.  but i bet it wont feel like that come monday when classes start. 

but band is going to be interesting.  the marching band director is just  like mr waters with a strong southern accent.  its kinda odd.  but lots of fun.

well im about to leave for tech night at walmart.  ttyl kiddos!

my job

July 11 2006
i started my job at project help today.  it was mucho fun.  i just wish i was getting about 3x the hours i am.

my 4th of july

July 04 2006

spent half of the day cooking.

ate lots of yummy food.

went to amber's.

played some interesting games.

went to see the fireworks.

hung around at ambers some more.

went driving around lascassas.

and sang at the top of my lungs.

quite a good day. 


July 02 2006

arg.  what has my summer come to?  im sitting here watching veggie tales with ransey. 

someone come entertain me please!


June 29 2006

i have been single for 18 years.  and for at least the past 4 i've been trying to fix that.  because apparently all high schoolers have to have a significant other... or thats what ransey told me.  i guess id given into the idea that a guy can complete me.  when in reality most guys cant even complete a jig saw puzzle. 

tonight i discovered that there was a reason for my singleness.  i think God was protecting me from being hurt.  he knows how afraid i am of that anyway. 

only in Christ can i be complete.  all the wonderful guys from my beloved chick flicks combined into one super duper romantic love fest could not complete me.  Christ is love.  He is the center of the original love story.  The Bible. 

this is stuff ive been taught for years.  but i guess it just moved from head knowledge to heart knowledge tonight.

so, im still single.  but i am ok with that now.

"But Christ demonstrates his own love for us in this:  While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."                   Romans 5:8

so im home

June 27 2006

got back to the boro at 3. 

went to get my oil changed.

had chinese for dinner.

went to rachel's.

watched fun with dick & jane (in memory of kenneth)

went driving around lascassas/ milton at midnight & looked at the stars.

pretty good day if you ask me.


June 24 2006

you guys need to watch this!  it made me laugh.

change of command

June 23 2006

so padre's change of command was today.  pretty spiffy stuff really.  i just think military ceremony is neat... even if my dad hates it.  but i got to stand in line & shake hands with like 100 people i dont know & will probly never see again.  pops, nana, aunt cindy & uncle jimmy came down from mississippi to surprise him at his ceremony, it was really nice.

but my grandparents have given upon me becoming a dentist & at least stopped harping on me about how i will never make a living teaching band... whatever.  they arent the only people who dont support me in that, but i just dont care.  for once im gonna do what i want to do.


June 19 2006

i have to leave minnesota tomorrow morning *cries*. 

but that means ill be back in the boro really soon.  next monday at 1:35 to be exact.



June 17 2006


[ ] You go to a tanning salon.

[ ] You watch The OC/Laguna Beach/The Hills.

[x] You own a cell phone.

[ ] You love going to the mall.

[ ] You take your cellphone everywhere.

[x] You own an iPod/MP3 player.

[x] You love Starbucks.

[x] You love flip flops.

Total: 4


[ ] Red or black is one of your favorite colors.

[x] You have thought about death.

[ ] You wear chains.

[ ] You like heavy metal.

[ ] You love Hot Topic.

[ ] You have worn black lipstick.

[ ] Your hair is dark/ kind of dark

[ ] You dislike preps.

[ ] You're an atheist.

[ ] You have/want piercings in unusual places. (tongue, belly button, etc.)

Total: 1


[ ] You can skateboard.

[ ] You wear plaid.

[x] You love Converse.

[ ] You think you're different.

[ ] You hate MTV.

[ ] You have moshed.

[ ] You have/had/want blue, pink, red, purple, or green hair or highlights.

[ ] You love skater girls/boys. :]

[x] You hate pink

[x] You hate rich kids sometimes.

Total: 3


[ ] You love computers.

[ ] You like Star Trek.

[x]You wear/are supposed to wear glasses.

[x] You get straight A's.

[ ] You love reading.

[x] You are in band.

[v] You don't care what you look like.

[ ] You have a curfew.

[ ] You always do your homework.

[x] You never cut school.

Total: 4.5


[ ] You're depressed sometimes.

[ ] You have black-rimmed glasses.

[ ] You like Thursday.

[ ] You comb your hair in front of your face.

[ ] You cry easily.

[ ] You like emo music.

[ ]You hate being called emo. But how does that make me emo??

[ ] You keep a journal/diary.

[ ] You have written a sad poem.

[ ] You have had a sad MySpace layout.

Total: 0


[ ] You like rap.

[ ] You are in a gang.

[ ] You wear Tag.

[ ] You wear rubberbands in your pants.

[ ] You swear a lot.

[ ] You have had a freestyling contest.

[x]You have said "fo shizzle".

[ ] You have worn Converse with the tongue flipped out.

Total: 1


[ ] You wear a bandana.

[ ] You love Pokemon, the Ninja Turtles, etc.

[ ] You never walk anywhere.

[x] You wear slip-on Vans.

[ ] You love Norma Jean.

[x] You wear band tees.

[ ] People have called you a freak and mean it.

[ ] You love to "hardcore" dance.

[ ] Your hair has been dyed more than one color.

[x] You will kill if called a satanist.

Total: 3


[ ]You love Laguna Beach/The OC/The Hills.

[ ] You want a tiny dog.

[ ] most of your clothes consist of pink

[ ] You're a shoe fanatic.

[ ] You shop at AE.HOLLISTER...A&F.ETC.

[ ] You love to shop.

[ ] You love skirts.

[ ] You like Paris Hilton.

[ ] Getting your nails done is fun

Total: 0

so i guess im a nerd... does band nerd count?  but im more getto than preppy.  its cause i went to oakland i guess.

...that sleep things just isnt working for me

June 17 2006
so its 2 am & i dont have the desire or ability to go to sleep.  its bad when i dont sleep.  i brood & worry when i cant sleep.  & that is not much fun.

im only 5'2"

June 16 2006

so ive had a really good time up here & i dont want to leave.  ive learned new things, like how to filet a fish, for example.  how many of you can filet a fish?  not many i bet.  ive also discovered that my 11 year old sister is half an inch shorter than me.  ok so im short, but im 7 years older & thats just not right.  it kind of crushed my spirits for about 5 minutes.  but yeah.  i cant wait to get back & see my friends tho.  i miss y'all like mad. 

much love to all.

...ugg the real world

June 12 2006

kayaking.  stick clearing. making fires.  tubing.  playing scrabble & cards.  stone & sidewalk sealing.  frying fish.  watching all sorts of wildlife.  looking at the stars.  geocaching.  fishing.  thats what ive been doing here lately... i could so do this forever.  but unfortunately i cant.  i have to do that whole college thing.

land o lakes & i dont mean the butter

June 07 2006

so today was wonderful... we went boating this morning on a new lake & fishing this afternoon on another new lake. i mean there are over 10,000 lakes why go tot he same ones over & over.  we caught like 20 bass & about that many bluegill... sweet.  & then we came home & made a fire & smores again.  then me, milly, heather, & teresa sat around the fire for like an hour & sang.  it made me smile a whole bunch. 

ok so my minnesota posts probly bore you.  but i dont care.

its just marvelous

June 06 2006

so im in minnesota & i love this place.  weve boated & fished & made smores!  its so beautiful.

"some people walk in the rain... others just get wet." - Roger Miller

internet: friend or foe?

June 02 2006
i love internet convos.  theyre just so fun.  you get to talk to people you dont normally talk to about stuff you wouldnt normally talk about face to face.  i strongly believe that the internet has hurt our generation's ability to interact face to face.  but hey i still like it & its a little late to undo the damage.


June 01 2006
im goin to dads on saturday.  ill only be there for three weeks this year.  its kinda sad, but im kinda glad too.  ill actually get to see people my age.  but i also wont get to see my little sisters & my dad & elle as much....but oh well.  this is why divorce bites.

minnesota how i love thee

May 30 2006
i leave for minnesota in 4 days.  that means 3 weeks of boating, fishing, hanging with my dad, making sure teresa joins band, burning things, listening to loons, camping, and trying to kill flying, blood sucking things bigger than birds.  if minnesota werent up north, i would live there for the rest of my life.  i just cant have kids with little yankee accents.  i would die.  forget disney land.  minnesota is the happiest place on earth.

the name game

May 27 2006

rogan.  isnt that an amazing name?  thats what im naming my first child.  its gonna be so kewl.

i also named my car today.  his name is paco!

im so good

May 25 2006
man i can drive my car like nobody's business.  ok... so im not that good.  but i am very proud of myself.  i drove to & from lavergne yesterday & didnt stall out, not even once... i sound like a kid who just got their permit.  oh well.

uh huuuuuh

May 23 2006

i hate when people have problems & i totally cant relate.  i just dont know what to do, because i want to help, but i cant.

learning to drive a stick is fun.  never do it alone.  its fun to have someone to laugh at you.


May 22 2006

milly got head drum major

so go tell her how amazing she is... now!