iiiiiiiimm backkkk!

June 26 2006

gaw-- im finally back in the boro.. for good! yay! it was so so so good to see everyone. well im not gonna lie anymore-- im not gonna keep sayin im gonna put pics on here because i dont know how! so yeah. the truths out. whew-- i feel better =) but just come see me and i would be more than happy to let you see pictures.. love yall and oh so glad to be home


May 31 2006

wow. im going to miss yall. but dont have too much fun without me! (or cause too much drama) ahaha. and i shall take TONS of pictures for yall.. loveee you more than you know! hawaii here i come!

first week..

May 27 2006
well.. its our first week off, and it still quite hasnt hit me that we are officially in summer break. i feel like even though im off, ive hardly gotten to see anyone. and i shall not be here for most of june, so i am going to miss everyone terribly. i want yall all to come with me. and when i get back, we are defenitely hanging out.. alot. love yall!

oh my goodness

May 23 2006

yall.. we are done with this year.. for most of my friends its our junior year and we only have one more left. what are you going to do with it? well.. its finally summer! but what an amazinggg year its been. from growing and bonding, to relationships that didnt work out, to those that did, to many many MANY laughs that i had, to making new friendships, to ending others, to get to share with others about Christ, to splitting brownies with ben =), to having bad days and others trying their hardest to make you smile (and they do), to just wanting to skip school sooo bad because it was such a beautiful day, to formal, to sleepovers and eating everything in sight, to learning new things and LOVING them (fishing and kayaking.. who knew?), to taking chances, to failing but keeping your chin up, to succeeding and giving God total glory, to snow days sledding down hills, to strongly disliking someee teachers, to getting super hyper at football and basketball games (meredith.. haha), to wanting to give up, to perservering, to capture the flag, to lauhing at movies with your friends, to talking to your friends and crying with them becasue they are having such a rough time, to laughing at inside jokes, to well... now. i love you guys. you made my year what it is.

"i thank my God every time i remember you.."                                                  -Phillipians


May 17 2006

well.. i thought this was a great idea to show who my truest friends are. i have many many many friends but these are the ones who are there for me always..

1. we have been best friends since freshman year. we have had some amazinggg times and many inside jokes. you always make fun of how little sauce i put on my food, we have an amzing time in st. augustine, you know that i love dolly partons and you were the one who taught me how to do the pancake. but most of all, you been my loyal friend, who would always stick up for me no matter what, and is always excited about whatever we do. i love you more than you know and i hope we do dorm at UT! scooter dave!

2. you are my brother. we have had too many fun times to count. you always cheer up my day and know how to make me truly laugh. you bought me a roll when i was having a bad day, and you share your brownie with me. and even though weve had some awkward moments =), you always seem to be there for me whenever i needed you. you have been someone i look to for Christian advice and know that you will always help me to strive to be a better person. i love you with all my heart as a brother in Christ. my little peachfuzz!

3.my sweet sweet friend. we have known each other from church for a while, but we have become best friends this year. we have gone down the road of patience with boys, weve danced like crazy and always have luck with those red trucks, and we get chill bumps from the amazing conversations we have. you truly listen to me and try to help me. we love all the same things, and we try to dance even though we are white girls. =) i have loved yo see you grow in Christ to prepare you for those 2 years of highschool that we wont be with you. you have truly been a blessing and you dont know how much i love you.

4. you are my sweet loving guy whom i get the honor of having a relationship with. ive gotten to know you so much and see what an amazing man of God you are. you always know how to make me smile, whether its accidentally hitting your windshield wipers on high, or leaving me unexpected texts at night. we know how to have a good time and we can always talk. what can i say-- youre amazing! iii know!

5. my wonderful girl. we have SO many good times, i cant even count them. our song is ridin dirty, we are the official members of gub the bug club, we are amazinggg at kayaking, we have a friday morning tradition at big apple bagels.. basically, we invented the defenition of a good time. i have truly been blessed to know you. there is never ever a dull moment with us. i love you so. i have seen you turn your life back on track with Christ, and you shine that light oh so bright. so whether we're headed to birmingham, or just the nearest breakfast place, know that i will always love you and what we have!

6. my friend. what can i say? we had a delightful time at the tim mcgraw concert, we HAVE to be right, and  you hate it when i cheat while i hate those lame jokes you pull out. i always seem to laugh with you, but you have your priorities like mine. we can be funny, but we know how to be serious and mature as well. i love you forever, and even though UT is so better than alabama, you are one of my best friends.

7. my precious senior! even though im older than you, you graduated a year early! i cant wait to see where you will go, and the things you will become. it has been a blessing getting to know you freshman year in new york. we have had great times, from chattanooga to mexico! i love you and will miss you.. <3

8. my hero! i love you sooo much! we laugh wayyy too hard.. from me and cole shanking you to my "niagra falls" moment. youve always been there for me and been real. you are so wise and i love that in you. youve always been on my side and make me laugh. loveeee you biscuithead..

9. my precious girl. ive known you since second grade.. you are the one who can truly make me laugh my hardest. we have our daily laugh, but we can also talk about whats going on in our lives. i will always love you girl..

10. certainly not least, is my final brother. when you say the right thing at the right time, its the sweetest thing. you know how to cheer me up. i know weve had our rough times, but we get through them. i love you and will always be here. youve grown into such a child of God. and dont worry.. ill come see you at chic-fil-a soooon

i love you all. i have such amazingg friends. God has blessed me so much. they are what get me through the day. They make me smile and laugh, cry, mourn, love, and most importantly-- they bring out the qualities that make me, well.. me. they reassure through their actions that they like me when im truly myself and when im confident in that. and for that i will always love and be thankful for them. all of them.

5 days..

May 13 2006
wow.. five days till summer.. cant waittttt!


May 06 2006

what an amazinggg week its been.. we really didnt do anything in our classes and then this weekend was a blast. friday me kait and chris played a little volleyball and then that night oliv me kait abi chris and alex hung out at the jazz fest.. it was soooo much fun! i saw so many people and ate like a fat kid.. =) then i spent the night with olivia. today i washed my car and cleaned.. me kait alex chris abi garrett and zach went to erma siegel to swing and just hang out. then some of us went to china buffett.. mucho fun-o! it has been simply wonderful! i love you all and hope you had a delightful weekend as well..

invisible children walk..

April 29 2006
well.. tonight was the night commute renactment (sp?) of the children in uganda. oh my goodness-- it was amzinggg.. it shows you the trouble they go through every night just to be safe. it amazed me how tired i was after doing it once, and how they go through that daily.. not just to do it, but for the safety of their lives. i was very blessed to take part in something like that. but i hung out with the coolest people everrr-- chelsea, chris =), and alex. it was so much fun! from almost getting lost like.. 10000 times to chris' patch of hair to alex's 20 bags he carried (his mom made him pack it all ) ahaha i love that kid to chelsea's meeting her hero.. *sigh* good times.. i love those guys. well-- my feet are pretty tired so im gonna go to bed now. love yall and had an amazinggg time!

life is good..

April 27 2006
hey yall-- well life has been pretty good right now. good report card, good act, good everything. im no longer going anywhere on the weekends so i have time to spend with all my fabulous friends! well-- i hope yall have been good. 3 weeks till summer-- cant WAIT! =)


April 20 2006

well.. elections were today for student council. im running for senior class secretary. im confident, but still a little nervous. we find out tomorrow who won. i appreciate all the votes from people.. thanks so much.

i wasnt myself today. i tried to act fine, but something was a little off. i think tomorrow will be better cause itll be.. FRIDAY! gah im oh so ready.. and ive got a full weekend. friday im gonna try to go see chris run at county, then im going to my friends party. saturday im babysitting all day (cha-ching!) and ive got something going on that night.. so that makes me extra excited. sorry for not being in the best of moods. i wasnt my usual happy self. but i know yall understand how those days go. love yall! have a delightful weekend.. =)


April 16 2006

so guess whos really really sick of school and ready for it to be over because its so nice outside and all i think about is going to the beach or kayaking or staying up late playing jailbreak with all my friends or riding with my top down or going to hawaii or eating sonic in the back of bens truck or 4th of july or spending time with my amazinggg boyfriend or watching movies but not really watching them cause all of us cant sit an hour without talking for 5 minutes =) or going back to school knowing that this is the final year youre going to see 95% of the people ouve been around for the past 4 years or going to the lake and skiing for the first time or just.. chillin? 

so who feels kinda like me?


April 11 2006

well.. easter is just about here! im sad because i am going to be in ohio visiting family all easter weekend-- so im gonna miss yall! but i hope that yall are preparing your hearts for the whole season.. i know how that is. but before the wonderful triumph of Christ over death, there is the most beautiful act of love for His children-- the crucifixtion.and even though it is the greatest love story ever told, it still wrenches my heart to think how undeservingly He did that for me. i know that im one of those people who hates to get punished for something i know i didnt do, so i cant even begin to imagine how hard it had to be for a SINLESS man to die a criminal's death. but then we see the wonderful promise fulfilled in a way never done before-- Christ rose from the dead. how truly amazinggg! just keep that in mind this week, as i too try. love yall! 

the real world

April 07 2006
so we're back in the real world now. one where people are going to suuround us with their spring break stories.. are you ready? am i ready? this week has benn very interesting for me.. i left my school with not giving much attention to how worldly everyone is.. i was letting things slide and lowering my standards of how to live because i had gotten so used to it. i was in a state of shock when i came back.. people tellling me stories and me getting sick to my stomach. i had been in a place surrounded by Christ and forgot how bad the world really was. i encourage you, brothers and sisters in Christ, to not lose your focus. to let your school, as alex lewis said, be your mexico. let every class be a new village and share Jesus with those who "are running around frantically trying to find Him." when you see someone slipping, remind them of mexico and be there when they need you the most. i encourage you to have a strong spirit and not let the things of the world bring you down.. be around those things is inevitable, but remember that we are "not of this world". i love you all.. have a delightful weekend!

im backkkkkk...

April 02 2006

well what can i say? mexico was absolutely amazinggg.. 4383 people cam to know Christ.. i was just so blessed to see a small glimpse of God working in those lives. ill show you some pics later but im just glad to be home.. stay strong tomorrow when youre back in the world.. love yall <3


March 22 2006

tonight was totally about God. we had some speakers tonight that Christ totally worked through and got the focus of mexico in my heart. one shared that no matter where we are, whether in mexico or at school, or even on the beach, that that is our ministry field. it doesnt (or shouldnt) take us a trip to mexico and think thats the only time we are be witnesses and lights to a dark world. good verse: 1 Tim. 1:12. that really touched me tonight. we got to spend some deep time in prayer and that is where we are going to truly be blessed and get anything out of this trip is having our daily talk with Jesus. i encourage all who are going to stay strong and only lift each other up. i pray that we will be blameless in Gods sight and that we give TOTAL glory to our Christ Jesus the whole time we are there! love yall.. 2 days!!! =)


March 20 2006

so pretty sure mexico is in 5 days!!! i am oh so excited but what im truly excited about is how Christ will be moving down there.. cant wait! go quesidillas!

pray this up: psalm 119


March 13 2006

so pretty sure i had an absolute BLAST! this weekend was amazinggg.. as you will see =)



well i had a wonderful time-- everyone looked absolutely beautiful! good times.. <3


March 07 2006


one weekend 06.. <3

one weekend-- 2 days

February 22 2006

God is good. that's all there is. in every aspect of God's entirerity, He is forever good. tonight we had a beyond amazinggg worship time. and thats what it was. pure and blameless worship. just time for me to spend with my precious Jesus. it really set my heart in the right place and got me aware that i must continue getting my heart ready for this weekend-- in 2 days! im praying for every aspect of this weekend-- from my house to the speaker to the music-- that they will all glorify God all weekend. i pray that everyone is getting their heart set as well. i love what someone said tonight-- that no matter the circumstances we go through, we will have the joy in our hearts that we are forever inscribed in His palm and that should overflow any other feelings we have! love yall..

president's day..

February 20 2006
well.. this week has been amazinggg.. friday i got to watch an incredible movie-- elizabethtown. it was great. then saturday was my favorite day. i, ami driver, played in the snow. a bunch of us went down this hooge mud hill covered with snow. =) then we all went back to bens and ate cookies. <3 today i had church and then we had a mexico meeting-- 5 weeks baby! now all the girls are at my house spending the night. fun times.. well i hope yall have a fabulous longgg weekend!