January 09 2006

Ok, well today is Monday. Mondays are usually really boring but today wasn't. So, I was like about to pass out in the middle of english class. Why? because we are reading this book called "The Devil and Daniel Webster" and the narrator has like this monatone (sp) voice. AH. Then, I went to Chemistry figuring that we are going to do some chemistry work BUT.......WE GOT TO WATCH CSI!!!! Ya baby! The best show ever! Then comes Algebra 2 with Coach Reavis and that is good except that we always do work on Monday. So, I had to take notes and do an assignment which was really easy but it makes it harder to do it and stay awake. So, 6th period rolls around and of course it is Spanish 2. I have nothing against speaking spanish cuz i like it but just the fact of learning it sucks. But she gave us no hw. SO I HAD NO HW TONIGHT!!! Praise God!!! So, We had a co-ed bible study with Clint and Rachel. It was amazing! It kicked all of us in the butt and told us what we needed to hear. So.... My plan afterwards was to ask Garrett Haynes to the DBS formal with me. Olivia and I went to Wally World last night and got the things that were necessary for the job. We cyran wrapped his car and put diffrent colored streamers on his car and used silly string, shaving cream, and car paint writing markers to write on his widows. IT WAS AMAZING!!! I wrote Formal? - on the back of his car. Then, the rain came......it smeared the markers on the window but the back window stayed so that was good. Ben said his face was priceless when he saw his car!! I wish i could have been there but i couldn't stay. So, he called me and was like oh my gosh......he believed Ben in what he said about the Blackman vs. Siegel game and he totally believed him!!! It was great. Special Thanks to Olivia and Ben also to everyone who knew that was going on after bible study and what i was going to do. Anyways, He said YES so we shall go to DBS Formal in our nice dresses and tuxes (sp). SO, to the conclusion TODAY WAS A GREAT MONDAY!

Shout out to: OLIVIA: ~ Bake the cake, put the icing!!! La Siesta!!!! lol!


Carla Simpson

January 09 2006
next time you go to la siesta, make sure you have the money first or that i'm in town ;) congrats on formal!

Whitney Sanders

January 09 2006
yeah Im glad you are taking him to FORMAL......you are gonna have sooooo much fun! I cant wait to see you with ur beautiful dress and your hair all done!!!!!! i love you! Have a good week at school!!! ttyl

Garrett Haynes

January 10 2006
ahhh formal is gonna be so much fun! U got my car so good! It's like a pink blob now b/c all of the paint smeared lol.

ami driver

January 13 2006
hey girl-- missed you tonight! but i just wanted to let you know how much i value our friendship. you are such a great friend.. i cant even put it into words. you are so selfless and i can always vent with you (whether you wanna hear it or not!) haha but i can get hyper with you or cry with you while watching the notebook. =) love you friend..

Garrett Haynes

January 19 2006
MERDIFFFFF I hope u have a great day! I am glad God has put you in my life and I am praying for you! In Him, Garrett

kaitlin gay

January 23 2006
iiiiii love you


January 26 2006
Mere. YOUR AWESOME. stay strong in christ. you are such a great influence in peoples life. and u dont even realize it. stay cool. cya

kaitlin gay

January 28 2006


February 03 2006
HaHa ya we do and even if everyone else doesn't we still need to stay friends love ya girl Abi

kristen teeters

February 04 2006
hey girl!! it teeters! i hope ur day is going good! oh my gosh i had a blast with u at the "elderly peoples home" ahaha wow well i love u girl! take it easy... kristen

Chelsey Montgomery

February 04 2006
hey darling!! i havent had the best week.. but so far the weekend is really making up for it.. I HOPE YOURS IS JUST AS AMAZING!! <br>love ya&hearts;

kaitlin gay

February 04 2006

Garrett Haynes

February 05 2006
Hey thanks for the comments! That was really encouraging. You know u can always come to me about anything, I am here for you. I will always try my best. I am so sorry u had to miss the student life conference! It was amazing! You really need to update by the way! So for valentines day Olivia was like "take her to Marinas!" or something like that. I really don't know what that is b/c I have never been there but it must be one of those restaurants where girs love to eat so if u want we could go there or somewhere else if u get an idea. But I don't really care one way or the other I will be happy so let me know! I love u and i'll see u tonight probably! In Christ, Garrett