November 01 2006
its been a loong week.

im headed to memphis on friday for the national portfolio day at memphis college of art.. so thatll be good and informative..and probably good for me to get a taste of what these art colleges are looking for..
love you- kels

youre not sure that you love me
but your not sure enough to let me go
baby it aint fair to just keep me hanging on
say you dont want to hurt me
dont want to see my tears
so why are you still standing here
just watching me drown
its alright yea ill be fine
dont worry about this heart of mine
just take your love and hit the road.
youre not makin up your mind
its killin me .. wasting time
i need so much more than that.

(the song of the day is "yesterday" -Beatles.)

the brian king kenobi

November 02 2006
well maybe we'll pass on the road . . . this'll be the second time i wasn't in memphis when someone came. sad. :(

Drink Dajen

November 03 2006
good luck!


November 06 2006
hey...call me sometime ho.

Nathan Moore

November 08 2006
great song...