October 07 2005
saw black crowes, they were even more amazing.



September 19 2005
saw coldplay, they were AMAZING!!!


September 08 2005
hey there beauitful people,
schools better now for some reason. but life is just feels great at the moment. this weekend should be a fun one. cant wait. and if you have nothing to do on friday night you should come to patterson park and do the whole bbq and blues thing. jack pearson plays at 8. if your into guitar trust me your gonna wanna see this man play.
well i hope all of you have a great weekend. remember a smile can help anything, to an extent.

Joey :-)


September 05 2005
well its good to have fun with friends. this weekend has been really fun.


hello friends

August 27 2005
hey there,
well this is my first entry. Jmo helped me set it up. Classes at mtsu start on monday. fun fun.
have a good one.