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idk..i just wrote it..

September 26 2005
Ha! You actually thought you could be happy?
I mean you seriously believed that?

She plans it. Did you know that?
I bet you didn’t and who could blame you?

She brings you onto your hands and knees begging and pleading for her to release you from this hell. She gets you to scream her name out, screaming and crying out for her in pure agony.

But, you’ve never been there you say?

Of course not,no not yet, she needs to work on you, mold you, get you to the point of no return.
The point at which you need her so bad, that you would sell your lover, your family, your friends, and finally yourself.

If for only one second you could be happy, it would make all the difference in the world.
And those who have been there, they know, they know what they would do for happiness.

Happiness,have you two never been formally introduce?
well, this is your seducer, and my you are the victim.
So luv you've read this much about her, and yet are unfazed by the power and control she has over you?
you still like her?
Still want her in your life?
Of course you do!
who wouldn’t ?

As deceiving as she is, she makes our world brighter, puts a bounce in our step, and lets us smile from the inside out.
Its they way she lures us in, the way she sways her hips, the way she looks at us, that twinkle in her eye, that keeps us coming back to her for more.

Because we want it, we need it, we crave it, and we need that reassurance that she is there, waiting for us, right behind that next corner ready to surprise us.

She’s like a drug taking us out of our own sad pathetic exsistences, and letting us play in her world for awhile.
Then she gets bored and decides to send us back to the harsh reality we call life.

You think you can beat her, resist her,fight back even?
Silly mortal she knows that you could never win and you knew it too.
You just thought maybe lady luck would be on your side
but not tonight luv, not tonight
She has all her pieces in the right place and unfortunately for you its check and mate.
Which undeniably means its GAME OVER for you.

And then guess what?
She wins, like she always does, and that’s when she sees the look of desperation on your face and she smirks in triumph because you unwisely chose to rebel against her and for that she made you suffer.

She’s lonely though; oh dear you would never know how lonely.
She carries her patchwork heart in her zip-block baggie as she travels deep into the corners of your mind.
Seeing what makes you tick, finding what would bring you down on your knees to worship her.

Because when you worship her, she’s able to fill this loneliness of hers if only for a second.

But soon enough your worship is not enough for her and she moves on, but don’t worry she’ll come back, oh dear she shall certainly come back .
And she’ll slowly put you in your place again, oh dearie trust me she will put you in your place.

You’ll slowly slip into your delusional world that is oozing with happiness and sunshine, and then that’s all you’ll want.

Because that's where you belong, and my love you won't get it better anywhere me.

Just happiness, no sprinkles please.