March 12 2006

Sometimes I wish I wouldn't ruin like, everything I have going for me.

Oh well. Life goes on I suppose.

The weather has been beautiful the last couple days. I've been riding my bike and playing baseball with my brother. It's just been really nice to be able to be outside and be comfy.

Mmmm. Math test tomorrow. Who's ready to fail? ME ME ME.

Oh well. Geometry just isn't my forte. Maybe pi day will cheer me up on Tuesday.

Well. I don't have much to say. Hope everyone has a fabulous day.

You can check out my xanga or myspace if you want, I keep up with those more.




December 07 2005

Everything is soooo blah right now.

The weather is blah.

School is blah.

People are blah.

My attitude is blah.

My swimming is blah.

Man, I really need a break from everything. The teachers area cramming everything in before midterms, and some aren't even gonna review for the midterms.

I still think my 4.0 is gonna be gone.


Please Let It Snow.


November 27 2005

Okay. So I'm seriously gonna try and write on here more often. It's way too cool to not write in.


My Thanksgiving was fabulous!  I love getting t  hang with my family and friends. It's awesome.

Okay. I don't have much to say.

Tell me something cool.


October 17 2005

Woaaah. So, It's been a long time since I've been on here.

Life's gotten so busy. Swiming is in full swing when it comes to practices. Our first meet is in like two weeks, which is completely scary because we aren't really ready, but we'll see.  Variety show is this week. It's kinda exciting because we've been working on this since the second week of school. It'll be nice to get it out of the way though.

I'm completely in love with my friends. They're so helpful and supportive, and I seriously don't know where I would be in my life without them.

Okay, so I'm going to bed because I'm pretty tired from swimming today. Lots of love.


Thank God Tomorrow is Friday

August 18 2005
This has been a long week. First week back at school and I'm already worn out and ready for summer. With swimming starting I'll just be getting more and more tired. But, it's all good. :-)

I'm happy with my classes. Things are going okay with my friends and I still am as single as a pringle. hehe.

Choreography is fun, I just don't remember any at the moment. We'll see what happens when I try singing and dancing at the same time.

We're havin a pep rally tomorrow in our new stadium, so that should be some good 'ol fun.

Okay. It's close to midnight. I have to go to bed. NOW.

Love you.


July 20 2005
I'm so dizzy.


July 10 2005
Life's been.. simple lately.

Quite a few people I know have left/ are leaving. Mission trips, tennis, beach, blah de blah.

Hm.. for some reason I can't quite write on here very well.



July 05 2005
It makes me sad when my friends fight. I know I'm not directly involved, but I feel like it's kinda my responsibility to help. I'm kinda at the point where I don't know what to do or say anymore, beacuse nothing helps anymore.

When my friends are hurting, it hurts me. I get frustrated because they're too upset to actually listen to me.

Oh well. I still love them.

Photo From carrie665

June 29 2005
I haven't been doing anything lately really.

There's nothing to write about.

I do have some pretty amazing friends though....and weird ones.

photo from carrie665

Photo From carrie665

June 22 2005

photo from carrie665


Shower Time

June 21 2005
In Mexico Amy or Courtenay and I would take a shower at the same time (diffrent showers mind you) and we would always sing dinsey song or songs like My Girl and Buttercup. That was so much fun.

One day while I was in the shower Amy and I were singing and suddenly we heard the tamberine makin a beat with our singing.

Quite Funny.

That was more for me to remember than you to understand.


June 20 2005
Well. Florida was awesome. I had a great time hangin with my family and eating way too much.

I miss all my church buddies.

I miss all my school buddies. I haven't really seen anyone from school since... the last day. Hah.

People. Yall deffinately need to call me... and we need to hang out. You know you want to.

Call me.



No Idea What I am Doing.

June 19 2005
I have nooo idea what I'm doing. So. If yall wanna help me that would be fabulous.