February 11 2007
Hey yall i have some new pictures from alabama! oh and by the way it was AWESOME!!!!

in the Van on the way home

Our star...alisa,emily,mine, and scotts hands!

me and emily listening to music on the way home

us again

me and alisa on the was home((we soooo gangsta))


antoher random

yup random AGAIN

lol in the hotel room wit scotts hat on

i love this pic

gangsta baby


January 27 2007
Hey y'all! whats up?!? i havent been on latley... i have been SUPER busy! well i really doont have much to write so i will ttyl write to me!



January 13 2007
hey yall whats up? homecoming was super fun! i would love to re-do that night! so many memories!!! well i will ttyl write to me



January 11 2007
hey y'all well tomorrow is homecoming at my school! and i cant wait... im like flippin Bored right now ugh! write to me


January 08 2007
Hey y'all whats up?!? ntm here... im bored as can be!!! well im bored!!! ttyl


La La La

January 07 2007
Oh my word y'all there is nothing to do at my house! like everyone is sickin my house! UGH!!! 

Lots of stuffs...School! YAYs!

January 04 2007
hey y'all! what's up?!? well tomorrow i have to go back to school! yippy! ugh! and i get to go to this behavior movie thing beacause i was a good little girl! that should be fun! it always is... you get to SKIP classes! FUNN! well like im not sure what else to write so i will ttyl!


School tomorrow and memorizing((not my thing))

January 02 2007
well we got back to school tomorrow((ugh)) and i have to memorize the preamble of the constitution and i cant get it thro my head and i have to recite it tomorrow in front of the class and ugh its bugging me((we the people of the united sates, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility-thats all i got--half way tho-))
UGH well im going to go TRY to finish memorizing this!



2007~~happy new year~~

January 01 2007



And now im going to BED!! night!((lol))

Finally Done...SO much FUN!

December 30 2006
Hey yall! whats up?!? well im FINALLY done babysitting((for the week.)) i am never doing a whole week again! even tho its fun and the babys are cute... it gets tiring after a week and you cant do anything...only sit inside and watch a child!!!

Today, im going to have a friend over((if she can still come-hopefully-)) and we are going to have so much fun! tomorrow is new years eve and we are going over to my parents friends house and that should be tons of fun((lol)) well i got to go... ttyl


December 27 2006
Hey y'all whats up?!? well im babysitting a lil boy names adian! he is the funniest, cutest lil thing! lol  we are fixing to go to walmart juss to walk around because there is nothing to do here! i have been babysitting him since yesturday and im still babysitting him until friday! how fun lol! well i betta go watch him! ttyl



December 25 2006
Hey y'all! whats up?!? so how has your christmas been!?!¿ I got lots of clothes...TUNS of hair stuff and make~up and some games and a ipod nano! now im trying to download music on my ipod and itsw not working! ((stupid stuff)) anyways well merry christmas and a happy new year! ttyl bye

              Candace =)

This blog is for tomorrow!

December 24 2006

                              And a Happy New Year!

Love Always,
             Candace Casey!

Fun,Fun,And juss more FUN!!!!

December 23 2006
Yo peeps! well okay GUESS WHAT..... lauryn is ova and she is like da bombz of diggity! lol we are like hyper people and lauryn has to PEE!!! OMHsh GUESS WHAT again....Lauryn is like the bestest awesomesteded personest in the worlestestest!!! like 4 realz! But anywayzszsz im like hyper and LOUD and my family peps are tryin' to sleep and like 4 real! and like uhh what was i talkin bout'....OH well anyways and KArus is like yellin at me so like 4 realz!! like ttyl

<3 y'all LIKE BUNCHES of oats




December 21 2006
Oh my flippin poochies! lol im outta school! yeah dats what im talkin bout! lol im bored and Hyper! well yeah... i dunno! well i am so HAPPY im outta school! Tonight i get to go look at lights in like this like place like for real! i am like so excited! lol well yeah like yeah message me or wat eva otay pepsareeps(dont ask!)! thats right. talk to yas lata!

<3 yas like BUNCHES of oats!


Candace the person


School is almost OUT!!!

December 18 2006
Yay! school is almost out! tomorrow is the last FULL day and wed. is a 2hr. day! i cant wait! i love being in school(yeah im werid... i only like seeing the ppl there -LOL-) but i also like being out of school!  I am like totally bored! Yeah like 4 real! Well i am gunna go! i have to finish getting my stuff ready and my homework done! I cant wait for tomorrow tho NO CLASSES!!! just party and movies! it is gunna be sooooooo FUN!!!!  well ttyl! love yas BYE

<3 Love <3 Always....,
                                 Candace!!! =)

Yay i am babysitting and get to play dress up YAY!! go Candace!

December 15 2006
YAY!!! i am babysitting and i get to play dress up! wow thats like awesome isnt it?!? GO CANDACE i rock now! lol well i have to go watch these little things lol! ttyl write to me


December 12 2006
Hey yall! whats up?!? UGH  i have to go to school! Im tired and dont feel like going! i wish i was home schooled or school wasn't until Noon! well i got to go finish getting ready! ttyl! <3

Miss. Candace Casey=)

Bored... nothing to do!

December 09 2006
Hey yall! whats up?!? im bored there is NOTHING to do and there is like no one on! well im gunna go! ttyl


whatcha doin

December 07 2006
Hey yall! whats up im like super de dooper hyper! yay

write to me love yas

Candace YAY