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April 15 2006

How can you know that you miss something that you have never experienced?

my answer--


see, when you know something is missing but you don't know what it is...when a part of you feels void, or empty, or lonely...God gives us that sensation, that longing, so that when we find that one thing...we are truly happy...not just emotionally happy...but we come alive and we truly live for the first time...everything changes...our eye's open...and for that brief moment in eternity...

we are complete

God is available in every situation...He is there and He is in control...the situation may not come out the way we want fact, it probably wont...we don't have any clue what is best for us...He has something unimaginalbe in think you have found you best and He just sit's back and smile's...then He hands you His best...and it is SO much better...

He loves to see you smile

He loves to be the cause of your smile

He loves to be able to give you reason to smile

without Him...there are no smiles

if you only knew

Pain, difficulties, trials, tribulations, testings...all things we go through so that we may truly enjoy the moments of breif happiness given to us...this world isn't perfect...far from it...and the people in it can be cruel...but that is because they have yet to find happines...

Happiness...true happiness...everlasting happiness...comes from Him...

and He never runs out

given back my smile and my joy and my life



December 15 2005

Home is Where the Heart is.....

I am HOME!!!!  I missed it oh so much.  Though I had an unhappy experience coming home...let me explain.  I live an hour and a half from school...well I had made it to Goodman (25 minutes from my house), looked over and saw two of the schools movies in my front seat that I was supposed to return.  I called and they told me they did charge fines over the holidays...$1 a day...I was not a happy camper... So, I drove BACK to school in the bad weather and went to return the movies...the lady behind the desk snapped at me (I bit my lip and smiled).  Then I drove back home...witnessing 3 wrecks on the way.  I am just glad that I wasn't part of any of them and the people involved seemed ok. 

Well, got home and mom cooked supper...loved it.  Then I got to talk to Leah...she is doing good, for those of you that don't know...she just had nose surgery Monday to fix the break.  She isn't in much pain, just uncomfortable.  I get to go see her Friday...and she is coming to my house for the New Years party. 

I already miss everyone at school and can't wait to see everybody, but I love being home...though I am getting sicker, stupid, I love it cold, just messes with my immune system.  Medicine is good and now have mom to take care of me.  Finals are over and school is out for a while...that excites me.  My first semester of MC as a transfer student is finished...that is good news as well. 

I hope everyone has an amazing CHRISTMAS, since no-one can say that anymore, and the best New Years ever.  Call me or write me or something so that I know how you are....Love you all with all my heart....



November 10 2005

    I have already had two French test's this
week...aced them both.  I have two major History test's
tomorrow.  THEN, I have another history test Tuesday, a Bible test
Wednesday, and a French test Thursday...with four reports due
Friday.  The next Monday I have an 8 page History test.  I
have 3 History classes by the way.

    Got signed up for classes next semester...18
hours.  Got signed up for rooms next semester, we will be moving
on up to the new dorms...we get a room to ourselves with a big bathroom
(tub and shower).  I am excited!!!

    Have a retreat with Mo' Heights (Morrison
Height' church here in Clinton) this weekend.  It is on
relationships...we are going to be in cabin's in the woods.  I am
excited about this as well.  And next weekend I have a wedding to
attend...also exciting.

OK,  I need sleep and am going to try to get some.  Goodnight to all and sweetdreams!!!!


56 years and going strong...

November 05 2005

This is a bitter-sweet day.  Today is my grandparents (mother's side...i am closest to) 56th anniversary.  How exciting!!!  To be married to the love of your life for 56 years!!!  That is the sweet part, now for the bitter.  My grandmother has been sick for a couple of weeks.  Just forgetful, tired, kinda distant at times.  Well, this week she has gotten severly worse.

I ask you with all my heart to pray for my grandmother and my family.  We are all worried and don't know what to do.  My grandparents are 77 year old and still going strong.  They love life and don't act or look like 77 year old's.  I love them with all my heart and have spent summer's with them since I was old enough to crawl.  I don't want to lose her, but have put this in God's hands, I know He has a plan and it is perfect.  If anyone EVER needs anything don't hesitate to ask.

PLEASE pray hard!!!

in God's hands~ ash

death is hard to cope with...

October 14 2005

Today is Carrie's birthday. For those of you that don't know, Carrie is a very close friend of mine that died last Christmas in a car accident. She left a lot of friends and family that love her. We all took this very hard. I have lots of memories with her and I only knew her a year and a half. I ask everyone to pray for her family and friends that are remembering her today.

I am not having a very good day, this is very hard...I need a hug...

crying inside and out~ash

random quiz

October 11 2005
1. Your name spelled backwards? Yelhsa

2. Where were your parents born? Memphis and Gore Springs...I think?

3. What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer?mix of songs...

4. What's your favorite restaurant? Kyoto's

5. Last time you swam in a pool? bout 2 weeks ago...going again Friday!!!! So excited....

6. Have you ever been in a school play? In elementary school

7. How many kids do you want? 3...2 boys and a girl....Didja hear that, God? =)

8. Type of music you dislike most? Elevator music and anything with words I can't understand....spork me to death....

9. Are you registered to vote? Absolutely

10. Do you have cable? of course...

11. Have you ever ridden on a moped? Nope, motorcycle though!!!

12. Ever prank-called anybody? Who hasn't?!?

13. Best friends? too many to name....LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

14. Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving? Umm...not by myself...but sounds like fun, rather sky dive than bungee jump...

15. Furthest place you ever traveled? Hawaii

16. Do you have a garden? No, dorm room...kinda home, my roses and gerber daisy's

17. What's your favorite comic strip? Garfield and Peanuts

18. Do you really know all the words to your national anthem? Of course, want me to sing it? I can, and I go...maybe later...

19. Bath or Shower, morning or night? Shower in the morning, Bath at night.

20. Best movie you've seen in the past month? Monster in Law or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

21. Favorite pizza topping? Pepperoni and's good, leave me alone

22. Chips or popcorn? yes please

23. What color lipstick do you usually wear? sheer with a pale tint/gloss

24. Have you ever smoked peanut shells? Not that I know of...

25. Have you ever been in a beauty pageant? no....don't go there

26. Orange juice or apple? Apple

27. Who was the last person you went out to dinner with and where? Group: me, Misty, Amy, and Burd....Applebee's

28. Favorite type chocolate bar? hahaha, me some reeses though

29. When was the last time you voted at the polls? The last time...presidential election...

30. Last time you ate a homegrown tomato? A few weeks ago

31. Have you ever won a trophy? Yes...softball, dancing, singing

32. Are you a good cook? yes, and love to!!!

33. Do you know how to pump your own gas? ummmm...duh!!!

34. Ever ordered from an infomercial? No

35. Sprite or 7-up? Sprite

36. Have you ever had to wear a uniform to work? no

37. Last thing you bought at a Walgreens? wow, have no idea...hardly ever go there

38. Ever thrown up in public? yes, long time ago...sad day

39. Would you prefer being a millionaire or finding true love? True love

40. Do you believe in love at first sight? No...lust at first sight

41. Can ex's be just friends? Yes, just not best friends.

42. Who was the last person you visited in a hospital? My brother

43. Did you have a lot of hair as a baby? Yep...

44. What message is on your answering machine? right now it is someone else's name and voice from last year...haven't changed it this year yet(room phone)

45. Where would you like to go? Australia, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, France (might be going this summer), back to Hawaii, Africa, Egypt, parts of Russia and the middle East...etc...I love to travel

46. What was the name of your first pet? Rags

47. What kinda backpack do u have, and what's in it? LLBEAN forest green...books, notebooks, pen's/pencil's, and chapstick

48. Who is your best friend of the opposite sex? Burd or Thomas

49. What is one thing you are grateful for today? That God woke me up and gave me another beautiful day!!!

50. What do you think about most? The future...


October 02 2005
I am SICK!!! Literally...sick, don't feel good. I have no voice today which suck's because tonight was our first performance in collee choir at church. My throat is swollen, my head is spinning, my cheast is heavy, I am coughing, my nose is stuffy, and I think I have a fever. How pathetic am I? AND, I have a major test tomorrow!!!! I slept through church this morning, got up and wrote my reports, went to church tonight, came back and typed my reports, started studying for Ren&Ref, took a break, went to study some more, and now I am taking another break. OH, and I haven't eaten in the past 24 hours...another symptom of whatever I have, no appetite. I hate being sick and was not a sick person until I got into college. But it is better here than at HCC, I was sick constantly there. So far I have only been sick once and had a cold another time. YAY for me. Anywho, if I met you at CSC this weekend here's a hug... ********HUG********

Sandy, happy anniversary, I have now known you a year and am so glad I met you.

Kara, so great to see you again, you are one of my two girls from NY and I love you with all my heart, you are so sweat and precious.

Brandon, wish you could have been there so I could have seen you before you left for Texas. Maybe when you come home for a holiday.

Maegan, Jen, Mike, Allen, Lindsey...what can I say...ya'll are the best and I wish I could have spent more time with you. I love you from the bottom of my heart!!!

Luke, I LOVE YOU OH SO MUCH!!!! You are the greatest and I am happy to call you friend. Come see me sometime!!!! Miss's a hug....***HUG***

Robert, oh Robert...I have nothing to say for you...j/ times and great to met you. I love your sister to death!!!!

Anyone I left out....YOU ROCK MY FACE OFF!!!!!!

Leave me comments and let me know you love me!!!!


******kiss on the cheek and hug from the heart******

It's a GREAT day to be alive!!!!

September 27 2005
I am falling in love!!! With God!!! He is so amazing and I can't believe I was stupid enough and naive enough to wait this long. I have never been happier. I am learning to give Him things in my life I never thought I would be able to hand over. Of course I am human and take them back on occasion, but I soon as I realize it I give it back and appologize.

Another happy note, my French test was moved from today to Thursday!!!! I am so excited because I didn't study like I should have, but got it down now...well, working on it.

I love to meet new people...met some today, love them, will be friends with them, they are great...LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

Met a girl named Deborah...sister-in-law to Jen...really sweet and a LOT like me, poor thing...she is all that and a bag of chips!! LOVE YOU GIRLY!!!!

Today is my Daddy's birthday. If you know me you know that we don't have the best relationship in the world. I thought about being mean and *forgetting* his...he so often forget's mine and remember's my brothers, nothing against my bro.(love you), that's just how my dad works. Anywho, I decided to be the bigger person and wish him a happy birthday, so I did. I feel better now, it was the right thing to do.

On a happier note, I might be going to Goodman today to visit my old BSU and all my friends that are still there. Don't tell them, they don't know yet, it's a suprise!!! I like suprising people and do it whenever I you guys with all my heart!!!

Anywho, I am tired and think a nap is in order...that is until everyone else get's out of class and I get phone calls to come do things with them...I love my friends!!!!

I hope everyone is having as GREAT a day as I am!!! God loves you (and don't you ever forget it)...and I love you too (don't forget that either)!!!!

CSC this weekend, it is going to be the bomb will rock your face off...FUN TIMES!!!


my puppy.....

September 17 2005

photo from butterfly

I GOT A PUPPY!!! My mom and bro. decided to keep it a secret until I came home. She is the cutest thing ever!!! She is about a year old, basset/beagle mix, and her name is Beannie. She has the body of a basset but the face of a beagle. She is so cute, and she knows it!!! She is a prissy little thing. lol, I love her already. Charlie likes her too (our beagle), but no babies!! He is already fixed and she will be Tuesday!! lol, though babies would be cute!!! I can't believe they kept it a secret!!! hahaha, anywho...came home for the weekend, went to the game last night and saw all my peeps...luv you guy's!!!!

School---had two French test's this week...have another one next week. Have an Old Testament test Monday. Have 4 reports due in MS History by Friday. Have a paper due in Modern Middle East and Africa in 2 weeks. I have at least one French test every week. Have a test in MS History next week. But, I love it..wouldn't change it for anything.

France--so here's the thing...I have ALWAYS wanted to learn French. Couldn't take it in High School because they stopped teaching it. Didn't take it my first two year of college because I didn't like the foreign language teacher. So, I am taking it's not the easiest thing in the worls, but I love it. Have always wanted to go to France as well...and God has been telling me that He wants me to go somewhere..just hasn't said where, when, or for how long. WELL, the church I am going to in Clinton (Morrison Heights...aka- Mo Heights) has a great college program. They have three trips planned for this year. China in December, Hawaii over Spring Break, and France in May. How cool is that?!? So, please be in prayer for me about that...I would love to go and would have a year of French under my French teacher is French, so she knows what she is teaching.

If I am not meant to go to France, my next guess(for that's all it is..a guess) would be Canada...I have been there before and liked it, it was 5 years ago that is the two places where French is the prominate language. And I believe that God has put this burden on my heart to learn French. So, I am.

Anywho, this was going to be a short post...guess not. LOL, call or write and we will go do something together. I get bored sometime's.


My new Boyfriend...

September 10 2005
Thank you for your prayers and concern's...God has truly blessed me with great friends. I am SO much better now, nothing a hot shower/ icecream/ good movie/ and prayer couldn't handle. LOL Right now I am watching "The Village"...the sweet scene on the porch...awww...haha, and yes-I have my smile back!!! Me and God had a little talk...he is my boyfriend and always will be, I need to get closer to, for the next 6 and 1/2 months no guy's (not that they are banging down the door now or, but until my 21st Birthday it's just me and Him...then, if He chooses to put someone in my path, it will be us and Him...always keeping God first and never loosing sight of what is important!!! I love God, He is amazing and know's what's best for us. I need to learn to trust Him fully and completly...I thought I did, but I didn't...anywho, hope everyone is having a GREAT day and know that I love you!!!!


lost my smile...

September 09 2005
Today.........I cried.....


Nap's are good...

September 08 2005
So, I just got up from a three and a half hour nap. Why you might ask, because for the past two nights I haven't gotten much sleep...and probably wont tonight. I had good intentions for last night. I was gunna do my homeworke, study, then be in bed by 11. NOPE, me and Misty stayed up all night talking about guy's (that's what girls do) and I didn't lay down until 1:30. Today was busy with classes, found out I have not only 2 test's tomorrow, but 1 Friday...along with 4 reports He decided to tell us about today!!! Oh crap, my clothes are finished let me go get them. K, and my whole body hurts from working out yesterday...which is a good thing. But, church tonight, school tomorrow and Friday, and a whole weekend to do as I please. Oh, and the Saddie Hawkins is Friday...probably not going...I don't do the whole asking guy's out thing, plus I don't know anyone here that isn't already taken/gay/or just not my type AT ALL. So, that might be a good night for people to get on aim and talk to me, maybe. lol, I hope everyone is having a great day!! And talk you later!!


ps--here's a question for the guy' and Misty talked about this last night...For guy's is it out of sight out of mind-as far as girls are concerned?

peace and calm...

September 04 2005
addition to "The List"--38. Someone that will sweep me off my feet, and never put me down!!

and God bless-- snow on your tongue

--and laughter with friends

--and chocolate milk =)

Thank you for your prayer's, you will never know how much that meant and helped. My spirit is calmed and the peace has returned to my soul. I find it funny that God uses all means possible to get our attention. I probably shouldn't, but it does ammuse me quite a bit. Here is the thing. Because I know you want to know, we are just close like that. lol...k I am reading a series of books, I have read them before...about 5 years ago actually...and got to the third one and guess what? It deals with the situation I am going through!!! Well, I finished the book today and had so many places marked that I wanted to reread so that I could understand better. I went back and a light bulb went off in my head...over and over and over...every time I read something. God is so amazing and He suprises me constantly. It is so great!! See, I have only just begun to trust God fully, with my whole life, every part of it, and it feels absolutly fabulous. I have never been so happy!!

Anyway, back to my book. There are some verses I would like to share with you if that's alright. These came at a time in the book that the woman was trying to figure out what to do, if it was real, if the feelings she was having were coming from God. My favorite verse they said (and my new personal favorite) --Psalm 27:14 "Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord." --Hebrews 13:5 "I will never leave you nor forsake you." --Isaiah 43:1 "I have called you by your name, you are mine." --Psalm 115:12 "The Lord has been mindful of us; he will bless us." --Psalm 27:10 "When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take care of me."

Then she had a realization that I shared with her..."God didn't just love her; he desired her. God wanted her. He promised to never leave her or ignore her or act as if he didn't know her."...I took that to heart, and my heart overflowed..."She needed to stop running and stop ignoring the pain of abandonment and feeling of unwantedness that she had lived with all these years. God wanted her. She needed to believe that with her whole heart."...and I did, though it is still hard sometimes...feeling unwanted, even after all these years...and feeling today as if you are being rejected by someone, especially someone you care about.

The whole book has quotes of Elizabeth and Robert Browning. Their love story amazes me. They wrote each other for months, then he went to see her...they had never met before this time, only written...they had fallen in love through words, they knew each other's hearts...they fell in love all over again upon meeting and got married and raised a family. One of my favorite quotes in the book from the Brownings was this...Robert--"How you say? Let us, O my dove, Let us be unashamed of soul, As earth lies bare to heaven above! How is it under our control, To love or not be loved?" and Elizabeth's response--"And I who looked for only God, found thee! I find thee; I am safe, and strong and glad."

I have fallen in love with the Browning's correspondence. I would love to read them all. For someone to speak those words to me with that much love and passion...they would have my heart all over again. Something interesting about when the Browning's met...the first thing he did was kiss the finger's that brought them romantic is that!!! Such love, such passion, such...I don't know how to explain it...

I am sorry if I bored you with my hopeless romantic ideas of life. I can't help myself sometimes. I was a happy person before, but now it is overflowing from my heart and I can't stop it...nor do I want to. I love this feeling, I don't know what it is but I love it. I trust God, whole-heartedly, and that he will provide my every need.

Thank you God for restoring the peace and calm to my soul and spirit. Continue to restore it, every-second of everyday...I am just a frail human. Help me continue to trust and have faith. I love you with every ounce of my being and can't wait until I am able to share that love with someone. I trust you to provide and I pray for my future husband...whomever he may be and wherever he may be...I love him already!!!


ps--They say the first step towards recovery is admitting you have a goes...HI, my name is Ashley (friends call me ash) and I'm a Chocoholic...there, I said it!!! Are you happy now!!! I don't feel any better...maybe it's because I haven't said the whole truth...let's try this....ok....I am a Chocoholic and I love you!!! There, much better!!! Have a GREAT day!!!!!!

my list

September 02 2005
"Life isn't always what you want, but it's what you've got, so stick a flower in your hat and be happy!" --from a friend

God Bless- long conversations that last till all hours of the night/morning

-and fluffy bunnies

-and the feeling of knowing someone cares

-and you

(this is something new, every update I will add new things, feel free to add as well)

Hey people,

O.K. Here's the thing. This is my "What I want in a Guy" list. How did I come up with this list you might ask. Well, one night at a Bible Study we got a piece of paper with 8 blank's on it. They gave us 5 minutes to think of 8 qualities we would like for our future spouse. Well, needless to say…within 5 minutes I had 23 qualities, and have added a few since then. I get these from what I see in other people I like or don't like, my friends relationships, and past relationships of mine (all 3 of them...kinda...). Remember, these are qualities I would LIKE to have, not that I am holding out for the guy that can fulfill ALL of them, though that would be nice. I understand that we are all human and nobody's perfect, but someone that fit part of the list would be nice. Anyway, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or just want to add to my list or leave one of your own, please feel free to do so!!

1. Godly and growing daily

2. Someone I can pray and discuss with

3. Sense of humor, makes me laugh and smile

4. Someone that respects me and that I can respect

5. Gives me space and privacy when I need it

6. Gentleman

7. Trustworthy and that trust's me

8. Faithful

9. Sexually pure (I would hope that he would save himself for me as I am saving myself for him; but I do understand that nobody's perfect and that anyone can become pure again in God's eye's)

10. Responsible

11. Has goals

12. Loves his family

13. Adventurous

14. Wants a family

15. Likes to be around people

16. Not quiet and shy, but not hyper all the time

17. Not cocky or stuck on himself

18. Healthy (I am not saying I want a guy that is all muscle, but not letting himself go and cares about his body, which is a temple)

19. Takes time out for him and takes care of himself

20. Pays attention to and takes care of me (remember, I am a BIG romantic)

21. Compassionate

22. Doesn't expect me to or want me to do everything for him

23. Will help with things around the house

24. Love's kids

25. Love's animals

26. WANTS to take care of me and doesn't feel it is his obligation

27. Love's me for me (I won't try to change you if you don't try to change me)

28. Will deal with me on a daily basis (my high's and my low's; I am almost always in a good mood)

29. Spontaneous

30. Outgoing

31. Loves to smile

32. Honest

33. Musically inclined in some way

34. Not afraid to show and share emotion.

35. Will hold my hand in public

36. Give's me butterfly's, and I hope I do the same for him

37. We can sit in silence and it not be awkward

Remember these things: I may not be the prettiest girl in the world, but please compliment me every once in a while; talk to me; show me you care; and whatever you do....mean it!!! Don't do it because it is what I want you to do, but because you want see me smile.


August 30 2005
I want to appologize to all that may read this. A lot has happened the past couple of weeks and I need to talk / vent / whatever you want to call it. If you don't read the rest of this I ask one thing, please pray for me and the other person this concerns. Thank you.

God, I want to ask your forgivness in all my wrong-doing's. I know they are many, please show them to me so that I may work my hardest to fix them and make them right. Please protect me and my family, keep us safe, and continue to hold us in your hand. Help us to see you in each other and what we do.

Dad, I am torn. I asked you to break me and show me your will. I gave my life, my whole life to you. I know I tend to take it back and try to do it my way, but I am tired. So tired Dad. My soul is crying out, please hear me. Show me your will dear God, let me know what is right.

My heart is aching dear Lord. I don't know what to do! I keep thinking that surely you wouldn't have put this in my heart just to take it away. I have never felt so strongly before, surely this is your will and not just mine. You know my heart dear God, and what I long for. Let me know what you want of me and I will do it. Here am I, send me. Whatever you ask, I will do. There is so much in my mind, I can't even think straight. Why me? Why him? What do you want of us? Please let us know!!

Dear Lord, we talk about you, that is new for me. I haven't been able to do that before. I am not scared, but as I say that fear come into my heart. Why do I not trust, why am I so scared to show my feelings? Make the devil go away, make him stop doing that to me. He doesn't want me to be happy, but you do..don't you? You want what's best, for us both...even if it's not each other. You are an awesome/powerful God that controls the wildest storms, even of the heart, yet you speak to me in the quietest whisper. You give me peace where there is none. You comfort me in my sadness and turmoil. You give me strength and lift me up when I can no longer hold up my head.

Mend my heart dear Lord, show us your will. Keep your promise to us, though we may not know what it is yet. Love us and show us to love, unconditionally. Give us peace and the right words to say. Hug us dear Lord, tightly. Let us know you are there. Center us around you and speak to us, even if it is as soft as a whisper. Help us keep you first.

Help him to know how much I care, and that even in this short amount of time he has won my heart. Help us not to be scared / frightened / or afraid. Help us to trust and have faith. We are impatient people dear Lord, and for some unknown reason to us you have chosen us to be apart for a time. Help us to understand, give us courage and strength. This is so hard, for both of us. Harder than most people understand, but you know don't you dad? You have always known. This is all part of your plan for us isn't it? This is what you brought us here for? Why we were created? To honor and glorify you? To bring us closer to you? To help us grow in you and learn to trust? To show our faith? You work in mysterious and great ways and I am so sorry it took so long for me to understand. I still don't understand the whole thing, but thank you for showing me a small portion. Why did I ever doubt? I am a foolish/fragile human being with a weak mind and spirit. Please repair me, mend my breaking heart, be with us on our journey and let us see you in each others heart's. Give us comfort and peace and keep us in your will. Give us the strength to stay strong and the love to wait.

I love you with all my aching heart, mind, body, soul. Don't ever let me go!! Hold me tight!! Open my eye's so that I may see, my ear's so that I may hear, and my heart so that I may love, feel, and understand. Thank you for your patience with such an unworthy child. Now I truely know what love is and how strong it flows.

your loving yet unworthy daughter,


"Distances" (by me)

I really need to talk to you,

to see your smiling face.

Hear the words flow from your heart,

be caught in you embrace.

Though distances are hard to bear,

and sometimes I'm confused.

I know deep down you really care,

and I don't feel misused.

The truth is this (though not complete),

that all is in God's hands.

For if we overcome this feat,

We'll join across the lands.

Keep God first and all is well,

the love we share will grow.

Cause if you don't it will be Hell,

and God will always know.



August 30 2005
Well, we survived. The whole town went without electicity for 16 hours, then some got it back. I am in the one district lucky enough to now have electicity. The rest of the town is still without. We had two trees in out yard fall, LOTS of limbs, and minimal flooding. We sustained very little damage compared to the rest of the town and state. MC (my college) has been out of school the past two days and no school tomorrow. My brother and his friends are going around to each others houses and helping with the trees and limbs. They just left ours and are headed to another. We were lucky, but others weren't. Please continue to pray for those, that God will show His glory and something good will come of this. I pray for each of you and your families. God Bless you and keep you.



August 19 2005

photo from butterfly

Another awesome concert. God spoke, I listened. Well, tomorrow I move into MC. Please pray for me. Goodnight and Sweetdreams!!!

luv in Christ~ash


August 18 2005

photo from butterfly

O.K. So the concert was AWESOME!!! I am so sore today and hardly have a voice. There were some professions of faith, which was awesome. I stayed behind and helped roll cords and load the truck. We had fun. My brother won a C.D. for being loud!! lol, that's my brother... Anyway, resting today to do it all again tomorrow(Shane&Shane), then moving to Clinton Saturday. I am excited and nervous all at the same time, please pray for me. SMILE!!!

luv in Christ~ash


August 15 2005
So, Wednesday is KJ52 and Friday is Shane&Shane!!!! This is gunna be so cool!!! I can't wait. Wow. God is doing wonders and showing me some amazing stuff. He is awesome. I found a Bible verse that just keeps showing itself this past week.

(Romans 15:13) I pray that God, who gives hope, will bless you with complete happiness and peace because of your faith. And may the power of the Holy Spirit fill you with hope.

You may not understand that right now, but I do. God is showing me more and more everyday how important faith is. I don't think I really understood it before. He has a way of getting your attention and keeping it. Not that life is any easier, a way it is. I have a peace now that I didn't have before. I have more questions now than ever, but that's what it's all about right? lol I hope everyone is having a great day and if not that it will get better, something will happen that will make you smile. Don't ever forget to smile, you never know who might be falling in love with it!!


Photo From jrpannell

August 09 2005

photo from jrpannell

This is the band we had in NY. They were awesome!!! I got Brett's c.d. and love it!! I never got to talk to them are regret that...Anyway, I am having a great day and hope you are too. I promise to start writting meaningful blog's soon. Most of my long one's are on xanga or myspace...but this is WAY cooler!!!