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April 10 2006

I'm going to teh CMT awards tonight...I get to sit in the section of the stars! I probably will not know or recognize most of them...but I pretty excited!


October 21 2005

I love how opportunities spring up on you!

I recently was able to do a photo shoot for some friends of mine for their promo poster. I really think that they turned out pretty well. And I might be working for a camp this summer as their photographer! Yay! I'll post a few pictures that I have shot recently...

keep in mind that I am still very ameteur!


October 17 2005

This new layout is super nice!


September 09 2005
I'm home...and I have to admit that it feels nice.


September 06 2005
I'm starting to see why I am here (at Belmont that is). For a long time I thought it would be this giant epiphany that let me know why God led me here. But instead it was more of a "oh, so that's what its all about" moment. Which makes me feel dumb for not realizing this all along. Last night I was doing my bible study and it was talking about how God blessed Abraham, but didn't stop there. He blessed him that we might receive a blessing through him. I wish that I could recap all that it was talking about more adequately...but basically to sum it up...We're blessed to bless others. I realize this statement it probably pretty common to you. But just think about it for a second. If we took it to heart, and started living it out that our entire way of life would be transformed. I started thinking about how sorry I have been feeling for myself...not having many true friends...or money...and so on. The thing is...I'm not here for myself. Granted, I am at Belmont to receive an education...and so on...which is for myself. But I mean, that it isn't all about ME having friends, or ME feeling at home, or ME having someone fall in love with me. But if is all about pouring out into others live....being a friend to those who need one. Encouraging others who are down. And who knows, maybe through this I will in turn gain the very thing that I am longing for. Well, that is just something that I have been thinking about lately.
Basically, I love God and want to be just like Him...ahhhhh. I think that sums it up! Good night all!

Photo From blizAke

September 03 2005

photo from blizAke

I have my own space...finally! Its a far cry fom my own room...but I really like it!

God blows my mind...

August 28 2005
Tonight I had a mini breakdown. I had to fight back tears all day. I hate being lonely and not having anyone to encourage me. I ended up throwing a pity party for myself for the first half of the day. It is really difficult for me to pour out my feeling to complete strangers, and I feel as though I have to hold everything in since I have no alone time. I guess this isn't a good time to become emotional...I have always been pretty sane. So, when I thought that it was settled and I was going to hate Belmont I decided to get coffee with a friend and it turned out to a big group thing that completely encouraged me. And as if that were not enough I stopped by my neighbors room on my way in and had an even better time. Turns out everyone has been having breakdowns...and there are some amazingly sweet people out there. Thank you God. I'm sure that there are still lonely nights to come, but He got me through today, and for that I praise His name. He is all I need and I am learning that. Until today I didn't realize just how little I actually depend on him through the tough times. Reality checks are no fun...but I need them like crazy. Keep changing me Lord, I want to be all yours...through and through!

Great night!

August 27 2005
I met Andy Davis...talked to Tim Wildsmith once again, and watched Dave Barns in concert...I love Nashville!!!


August 25 2005
It has been a crazy week. I am finally settleing in at Belmont. So far I love most of my classes, and I get along really well with my roommates! I think I am going to love it here, but for the time being I really miss knowing people. I am lonely A LOT! But, I'm assuming this is normal. I have seen some great concerts recently...matt wertz, and tim wildsmith. I'm going to see Watermark tonight and Dave Barns tomorrow....yay! So, basically, it looks like I am going to go broke here on tickets.
haha...and right now I am doing my first load of laundry...I'm a little scared to see how it turns out. Well,it seems that I have absolutley nothing interesting to I will leave you with this. I hope all you guys are doing well...I'm thinking about you.

Good bye Atlanta...

August 19 2005
I'll see you in a while.

Photo From blizAke

August 14 2005

photo from blizAke

The highlight of my night...haha. It looked even worse in person!


August 14 2005
I uploaded more picture...yay! There are more coming, and these will be in color...haha. I accidentily took several photos in black and white. I actually kind of like it, but I wish you could have seen the vivid colors of the coast of California! I guess you will just have to go yourself.

Life is Good!

August 13 2005
I am literally teary-eyed right now thinking about all that God is doing in the lives of people that I love and care about. I got off the phone with one of my good friends about an hour ago...she was telling me all about what a blast she was having at college...(thank you Lord!) He is trustworthy...and He is ever leading us. My mind is blown, it really is. I am so thankful that even though I am not with her I can rest assured knowing that God is always working and taking care of His children...He is soooo amazing!
And to top old youth minister is planting a church...which makes me want to dance out of excitement for what God is doing through him.
ahhhhh...I feel great and extremely sentimental right now...I want so badly to live whole-heartedly for God...I am so in love.

Oh, and a random note...I bought a new camera today (since I lost my other one) and I have to is awesome!

I type this with a throbbing arm.

August 12 2005
I went to the health clinic no meningitis for me!
It is good being home. The only problem is two of my favorite people are missing. It is slowly sinking in. One week and counting and I will be in Nashville! I am so ready! That is all for now...hopefully I will post some beautiful pictures of the californian coast line soon.

The countdown...

August 03 2005
In less than 24 hours I will be in San Francisco...
I move to Nashville in 15 days...
Tonight is the very last girls night...
My brother will be home within the hour...
It could take an eternity for me to fall in love :P

And right now...God is blowing my mind. He is the love of my life!!!


July 31 2005
It is wonderful knowing that my God is trustworthy...there is no god like Him! I can't quite find the words that I am looking is just that I don't know if I have ever felt this free from worry before. I can trust Him with EVERYTHING! It's simple, but has been extremely hard for me to live out lately...ahhh! I love my God!

Photo From emilydarby

July 27 2005

photo from emilydarby

Good times!

After this morning...I understand why the tortoise won instead of the hare.

July 11 2005
I was nearly maimed by a giant turtle in my front yard just a few seconds ago...he was crouching in my front lawn so I thought that I would move him to the backyard where he would be more comfortable. When I walked up he immediately went into defense mode...I guess I scared him or something? I began to walk around him to pick him up when he spastically turned my direction causing me to jump back and let out a yelp. I then grabbed a nearby branch and poked him to test his reflexes...and he jumped in the air...yes, I kid you not...he jumped! This sent me once again yelping in the air. Needless to say, I left him alone after that. I guess turtles need there alone time as well.

Late night realizations...

July 05 2005
My night was definitely different from what I expected it to be like. However, I must be completely honest...there was a part of me that expected to be let down. I hate to admit that because I am really not a pessimist...I genuinely do expect the best from situations. I don't feel like talking now that I began this...I wish that I would have lived by the exhortations of Paul and not have been anxious for anything...oh, I hate learning the hard way. I just have one question for you today... WILL THERE EVER BE ANYONE THAT TRULY WANTS TO KNOW ME? I mean really know me...someone who adores spending time with me...someone who understands me, and makes me feel beautiful. Because I am ready for him if he is out there! I want to be loved.

I'm bored!

July 02 2005
...still bored! What is there to do in this town?

My day has been redeemed by the Marietta Diner and good conversation.