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the isaiah connection

July 03 2006

so these guys from minnesota come to maui

 to help out with ''the remnant''(our youth praise team) with stuff and play at malls and do concerts and do tourist things during the past week and we pretty much jus rocked maui wit music and an outstanding drummer

dam im good

we went to haleakala one day to watch the sunset

we tried too teach the guys hula...

it didnt really they came up with a mix between the electric slide and the hula...the electric hula

that really didnt work out either...but all in all it was a great day

nice sunset

lots of fun

and a lot of time to reflect on life...

oh and by the way if you ever see this kid

he loves to lick and kiss people so run


July 04 2006
aaww..i miss them *tear*. those are some great memories!


July 10 2006
hahahahaha. dema. i miss them alot. . . . . . . . . . .