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July 24 2006

LANAI CITY – Police have opened up a murder-suicide investigation into the deaths of a 15-year-old girl and a 24-year-old man, both Lanai residents, found dead Saturday morning in a field.

The couple apparently had a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship but may have broken it off sometime before their deaths, according to Lt. Glenn Cuomo of the Maui Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division.

Police would not release the names of the two victims, pending notification of family members.

The two were reported missing to authorities by their families around 8:30 a.m. Friday, Cuomo said. A community search was launched, and the victims’ bodies were found at 7:50 a.m. Saturday in field No. 5311, approximately a half mile from the Lanai Police Station.

Four Maui police detectives and an evidence technician were immediately dispatched to Lanai to investigate, Cuomo said.

He said police were investigating whether the murder-suicide was connected with a July 16 arrest of a Lanai man for 14 counts of sexual assault against a minor.

Cuomo said police believe the teenage girl and the man each died by a single gunshot, but investigators want to wait for an autopsy report to confirm the cause of death. A firearm was found at the scene, but Cuomo would not identify the type of gun or speculate on who fired the weapon.

Cuomo said police have no witnesses.

The bodies were taken to Maui Memorial Medical Center, where autopsies were expected to be conducted.

Police confirmed that the girl was a student at Lanai High and Elementary School.

Lanai Principal Pierce Meyers said he started fielding calls about the incident Saturday morning.

He said he plans to meet with the police chaplain and other officials today on how to best help Lanai students and the community as a whole.

“We recognize the need for people who are grieving,” Meyers said.

An event could be held as early as Monday night, but Meyers could not provide details until he completed his discussions with authorities.

Lanai teachers were scheduled to return to the campus Tuesday for their first official day back to school. The first day of classes for students is July 31...

that girl was probably the only person in this known world that understood
me...but now shes gone...i cant give her name out for safety purposes
just pleez i beg of you people...pleez pray for her family and friends

Police would not release the names of the two victims, pending notification of family members.


July 24 2006


July 19 2006

hey ya doin....kinda bored so heres an emo poem...tell me what you

my prayer...
if i shall die while in my sleep...
protect me god my soul to keep...
from evil thoughts and wicked seems...
just snatch me from this evil dream...
i know theres bad things i have done...
thats why i sit here with this gun...
and if i awaken from this peaceful slumber...
my gun will roar...and ill be six feet under...

yeah...kinda depressin...but yeah kinda...uhh

we lost it

July 17 2006

hey guys this one is to everyone i know...

read it slowly and carefully...

guys...we lost the vision
the vision of heaven and hell...
we lost it guys....think about this for a sec...
what does the death of jesus christ mean to you...
because i take a look at this the country...
at my church...and to tell you the means...
nothing...why the heck do you say you know
God and you accept him you are still not transformed...
if you really seeked christ he would transform you...
dont even put on acts about these things...
i mean cmon guys why are you still the same...
why is it that when someone hurts you or others
you get mad and retaliate...huh?..why is it that you
still dont listen to your parents the first time they tell you to
do somethin...why is it that everytime his or her names pop
up you think about those things...thoughts of hate...why
is it that when you talk about how much of you are hatin them...
you still dont drop your knees and take some time to pray for them...
why dont you pray for your enemies...guys...
this is my wake up call to you...guys...if you dont answer this call...
guys...thats not right...we lost the vision...we need to find it...just..
keep strong...follow jesus...

the isaiah connection

July 03 2006

so these guys from minnesota come to maui

 to help out with ''the remnant''(our youth praise team) with stuff and play at malls and do concerts and do tourist things during the past week and we pretty much jus rocked maui wit music and an outstanding drummer

dam im good

we went to haleakala one day to watch the sunset

we tried too teach the guys hula...

it didnt really they came up with a mix between the electric slide and the hula...the electric hula

that really didnt work out either...but all in all it was a great day

nice sunset

lots of fun

and a lot of time to reflect on life...

oh and by the way if you ever see this kid

he loves to lick and kiss people so run

field trip

May 29 2006

so...we went on a field trip on friday...we went to lahainato be tourists at front street

and yeah it was pretty borin cuz we could only stay by the banyan tree so we decided to be idiots while we were there


we made a new friend...

and yeah

ummm yeah...dont ask..i couldnt resist that guy...

after that we went down to whalers village to check out whales...but instead we wound

up doin more stupid things..

ummm yeah again...dont ask...but you know i just had a great time bein dumb so yeah heres more pics wit my buddy

yeah...goood day...thank god

i'm guilty

May 15 2006

i solemnly swear to tell the truth,
the whole truth and nothin but the truh now so help me god,
what i testify and what i'm speaking of,
is an eye witness account of experience a kind of love,
i confess right now to what i was,
i'm guilty of makin the son of god shed his blood,
and guilty for the reason why he was hung,
and guily for every evil thing i've done,
and guilty for it all i just can't blame no one,
i'm filthy with what caused the death of his son,
it kills me to think that i'm the one that shed his blood,
i still think think of the way he died and how it was,
it fills me with so much pain i feel like throwing up,
i can't escape, i can't lie, i didn't make it up
i was the one who took life from the holy one
this is the time i confess now to what i've done...
i'm guilty

heyy guys

March 16 2006

hey i just wanted to show some love for my grandpa...

rest in peace grandpa...i love you...


February 28 2006

how you like this bad boy


February 24 2006

hey guys i jus wanted to share my testimony with you

well growing up i pretty much was raised on sports

and foolin around

i had a loving family

but i took it all for granite during my intermediate years i started doing some things that i never did want to a girlfriend that is suicidal like 24-7.and i had to be there like all the time

we had some good and bad times...mostly bad

 it was to much for i did some drugs cuz i was lost and looked at it as my way of bein cool...and as my stress reliever...which was not... i was mad all the time

i didnt know where to turn

jus always thinkin about how much i hate this world and this world hated me

i even threatened my brother zack and told him i would kill him

stop right now i want to say i was confused and didnt know what i was  doin i love this guy so much but any ways...

and when i wasnt mad i conteplated suicide...later i found out my dad volunteered me to go to thailand on a mission trip during the summer     i didnt wanna go

as the school year had almost come to an end my friend catelin at church asked me to come to summer camp with them cuz she didnt want to be stuck there with just timmy from our church which was pretty cool

during summer camp i was thinkin about the trip to thailand after but i didnt want to go because i thought i was going to die but i didnt wanna disappoint my dad so i was thinking

then one day my friend jeremy pulled me onto the side to talk about what was going on because during church camp i wasnt showing much of a godly attitude because i was stressed out with life so we talked about things in tears and i was crying so badly i couldnt talk straight he told me to say a prayer with him and give my life to christ and after that i jus couldnt shut up about accepting christ...he got me into christ and now i know Gods with me hes showing me the way

thank you god for your son

thanx for the bigger family

i love you so much

and catelin thank you for inviting me to camp you probably dont remember inviting me but thanks because if it wasnt for you i wouldnt have been livin the way i am livin now


i love you all



February 20 2006

well as you all know my dad is a pretty good fisherman

and i myself is pretty good to

oh yeah and catelin...i did not get these fish from safeway...gosh

well my dad took me out one night to go get some fish

thats what my dad caught...he cheats but look at what i got

yup im a winna folks dont be jealous jus sit back and say how the heck does he do it yup thats right all me da winna