Maybe Tonight

April 18 2009

Maybe tonight won't be as long as the last,

And maybe tonight I will forget about the past.

Maybe tonight you will give me a call, 

And maybe tonight I will worry about nothing at all.

Maybe tonight I will just fall apart,

And maybe tonight I will find a new place to start.

Maybe tonight I will find what is wrong with me, 

And maybe tonight my tears will cease so that I can see.

Maybe tonight I will find what I have been looking for,

And maybe tonight you will come to my door.

Maybe tonight I will finally become strong,

And maybe tonight I will right what I have done wrong.

Maybe tonight I will be able to stand on my own, 

And maybe tonight I will pick up the things that I have thrown.

Maybe tonight things will change,

And maybe tonight things will  stay the same.

But maybe tonight I will have the courage to tell you,

And maybe, just maybe, tonight i can know what it is like.  

The things you are to me.

March 28 2009

If you were a drug you would need a perscription.
Everyone after you.

If you were a country you would be America.

Strng and the most beautiful.

If you were a drink you would be water.

Needed for my survival. 

If you were a mountain range you would be the Appalachians.

Breath taking and majestic. 

If you were a candle you be an everlasting one. 

Your light, amazingness, if you will, would never go out. 

If you were a suit you would be an Armani suit.

The best and the one absolutely worth every penny.

And if you were mine.

I would be the happiest man in the world


March 23 2009
Ok so we recently "bailed out" a company called AIG. Now some of you may feel different about this but here are my opinions. Well first off we should not have done that because now the US government owns 80% of their company in stocks and well in an economy where the government owns a company that is called communism. So well that is what we have become and it did not start with AIG. It started with the whole Freddy May and Fanny Mack...or whoever you know what I mean. Then GM and others. We have ceased to be and exist as a Free Market Economy. We should have let AIG and the others work it out. We have seen in the past that the economy goes ups and downs it has natural ressions and such. A company that is this large and any company that exists should have expected this and prepared for it. Our government should do no such thing to help companies that can only blame theirselves for poor planning. In the economy concerning businesses large and small, we should let the strong survive and the weak die. That is the best way to stay strong. Oh one more thing. The whole AIG giving million dollar bonuses to their top guys well that was in contract with the people they paid if AIG had not done that then they could have been suid for millions more. And AIG sent a request letter out to everyone asking that they pay it back but only by choice. Tell me what you think.


March 01 2009

    Hey I just thought I woudl do a little blogging since I really had not done any in a long while and I thought to myself what better to blog about than a widely argued over topic. The War.

Ok so we have been at war now for some 6 1/2 years. And many people think this war is wrong and that we should not be fighting it. I just wanted to say what I think about the war. I think that this war is necessary. Yes it started to get the people who participated in the events of September 11, 2001. Now we have begun to help another country earn their freedom and I have to say I am glad that we are. I am completely for the war. I would like to hear your thoughts. 

Just You and Just Me.

February 20 2009

While someone else steals your good night kisses

I will sit here quitely hidding my wishes.
For I know the past lies between us

There is something I've got to say, I have to, I must.

It has nothing to do with a rythm or a rhym

nor a second or minute in time.

I want the world to see,

What true love is, just you and just me. 

The things that I have to say they are about you. 

Whether or not you will say them to. 

You, look at you, you're beautiful. 

Me? I was just-a-fool. 

Together like two fish in the sea, 

We can make that just you and just me. 

To do the things I did yeah I know they were bad.

And I had to give up everything I had. 

What can I do to make you see. 

I would give it all up to have just you and just me.

We both have our own dreams. 

And that makes it so tough so it seems. 

I am ready to give up mine. 

If you just give me a chance, just one more time.

We can make them all come true.

Making our own dreams just me and just you. 

I guess really what I want to say. 

Is that I would have it no other way. 

Together we could be

Happy, just you and just me. 


With You Not Without You.

February 06 2009

When I was a child I thought like a child and acted as one. 

Now as I have grown I think more for my future.


When I was a fool I acted only silly actions.

Now as smarter I act only what is worth acting.


When I was small at heart I loved little.

Now as larger my heart as grown I appriciate much.


When I was wild I acted as if I had no sense.

Now as I have calmed I know temporary cravings should not be satisfied.


When I was with you I knew excatly where I want to be forever.

Now as you have left me I know beyond a shodow of a doubt where I need to be for the rest of my life.




Explain Myself?

February 03 2009

So Seriously.

January 12 2009
This is just kinda a list of things I have learned.

Once you are there you might as well stop because if you go any further then you are probably too far!

Same if you have found what you are looking for, realize it, and stop looking! You won't find what you are holding anywhere else but in your hand.

You can only go back up once you have hit the bottom.

If you want something take it because it probably won't just magically come to you. 

Once you have it hold on to it for dear life, but remember that it might want something else and you can't change that. 

So remember you can't make someone love you nor can you make yourself love someone.  (don't don't work)

If you stand for something then stand strong and people will notice and eventually stand beside you. 

And always remember if something seems completely perfect to you it could be hell for someone else. 

oh and before you jump check your parachute pack. 

So I hope that if you read the above that you enjoyed it and take what I have to say into consideration. 


January 04 2009

It doesn't matter how much I have practiced with my rifle.

It doesn't matter how I have read and understood the enemy. 

It doesn't matter how many times I have ran the drills. 

The bottom line is that this conflict is more different than anything that has ever arose.

I am not sure if you understand. 

You must let me expain. 

I have prepared myself for anything that could come up. 

Now this? 

How could I get ready for this kind of conflict? 

But now that I look through blury eyes I see things much more clearly. 

Although I am not completly ready I will fight till the death for what I believe in. 

I might run dry but until I run out of life I will continue. 

You don't realize what is going on. 

You seem nieve to the ragging war. 

And I know that it was hard to understand but Please Forgive Me.

A great quote and I just had to share it.

December 09 2008

Well a lot of times I say I would love to die for my country and well that is true I find no higher honor one of my favorite generals made me think. General Gourges S. Patton said this,"I want you to remember that no one ever won a war by dying for his country. You won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country."

I have not changed what I think of being the most honorerable thing to die for but I know how something to think about a little more. 

Where are you?

December 06 2008

I am part of a dying breed.

One that believes that our flag is not just a flag, 

it is a symbol and one to be respected. 

One that believes that everyone is called to serve their country, 

in one way or another.

One that still respects the wisdom,

of the ones who have been there before them. 

One that wants to look down on his grandchildren saying, 

"my grandfather died for this country." 

One that believes that untimate sacriface,

is their life.

One that knows what hard work is, 

because that is all they have ever done. 

One that knows of God's love, 

because it is what has saved them. 

One that realizes

that there is a time for war. 

One that realizes there is a time for, 


One that knows,

what is worth fighting for.

One that knows it is you.

Just some lyrics.

December 04 2008

Ok so I was listening to a Fall Out Boy song (yes I know we will deal with issue later). But the lyrics got me to thinking, well part of the lyrics.

"Loaded gun complex cock it and pull it."  

Nah I won't post anything long just some lyrics to think about. 

My Combabilation (you)

November 07 2008

I can talk to you on the phone but I can't hold your hand.

I can hear your voice but I can't see your face.
You say that we are so far away I whisper not for long.

You give a pitty laugh to my horrible jokes.

I give my dedication to you. The definition? 

You-my inspiration, my reason for my wrong moves, my confused              mind. My seperation of genius and insane.

They say that the differance between those two is measured in success. 

I want to see.

Am I crazy or do I for once know excatly what I am doing?  

As it seems appropriate.

November 06 2008
Congratulation President-Elect Obama. I am anxious the see what happens in the next four years. I am anxious to see how you carry out what you have said. I am anxious for you to prove me wrong and hope that you do so. I hope that you do extremely well. I hope that you get this country out of debt. I hope that you fix the problem in the middle east. I hope that you work hard to be the best you can. I wish you luck. I thank you for accepting your duties. Congratulation President Elect Obama.

Last Morning.

November 04 2008
This is the last morning things will be the same. In a little over 12 hours the polls close. I want things to stay the same. Not the same but I don't want to live in the United Socialist States of America (sorry for the cliche). I enjoy caling myself an American.

Barrack Obama is a Muslim...?

October 31 2008

"John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith....well what I mean is he has not talked about me being a Muslim."

Senator Obama stated during an interview that John McCain has not talked about his Muslim faith.  So he is obviously a Muslim. I mean his father was a member of one of the most radical Muslim groups in Kenya going through and preforming genocide on every village they came to. His step father was Muslim as well. So he must be a Muslim. How dare you "Christian's" say that. Let me say this first. I in no way support Senator Obama for president, but look at yourself. How dare you judge a man who you don't know. If you are a Christian then shouldn't you fogive someone for making a mistake? Which Barrack Obama obivously did during an interveiw. But not even that how dare you with out even haveing met the man you are ready to testify that he is not Christian like he says he is. Oh that is right, his father was a Muslim so he must be. My father was an alcoholic. Does that make me one? NO. You people who say it does must believe in Predestination. "Well his father is an alcoholic and his mother was too...nope he is not going to heaven." How dare you. Take a step back and think. Besides does it really matter if he is a Muslim? NO. It doesn't make a bit of difference. If the American people elect him then the American people elect him. 

One of my bravest moments...

October 20 2008
So last night I was with my really cool cousins Jessica, Tyler, and Jessica's husband Jamie. Ok so Jessica and Jamie are like the coolest ever. We were looking for a place to eat in the mall last night and we decided on Macaroni Grill so we went in and were joking around then I started flirting with the waitress and she was like "You are really funny in a weird way" And I was like "Hey can I buy you dessert or something?"...well she said no...but that is not the point of the story...infact this night just began because at that time there were 5 in a way that I could only describe as beatuiful ladies. So I was watching them trying to talk Tyler into going over there to talk to them with me. He continues to say no well about 10 min. go by and 4 more girls come up. I had given up on Tyler coming with me and had gone back to eating my salad. So I look up to talk to Jessica nd Jamie and the girls are walking in the resturant and sat down on the other side of the wall from us...I go "looking for the restroom" and take a tour of the whole place to see where they are and one makes eye contact with me...any ways I make my way back to my seat and have my waitress take a note to them that says "you are very beautiful. p.s. write back." (in crayon) So my waitress takes it and moments later we hear a lot of laughter and my waitress asks me how old I am. I tell her 15 and she does the whole no you are not...seriously? she told them that I was 20. And she is all like they re going to come over here. I was like Tyler lets go...the waitress thinks I am trying to leave but I was trying to get tyler to go talk to the beautiful ladies with me. He doesn't and I get up and go over to their table. I offer to buy them dessert and ask if I may join them. They graciously accept. So we sat there joking around and everything.......................................oh yeah sorry. I guess you want to hear the end if you actually read this far. well the end? for you? just kinda ends like this. I leave the resturant.

Do you?

October 15 2008

Do you only get one shot?

Cause I have had plenty.

Do you only get 15 minutes of fame?

Where are mine?

Do you only have 1 true friend?

Still figuring that one out.

Do you only have one true love?

Still looking for that one.

Do you only make the same mistake once?

Oops. Guess not.

Do you keep the promises that you make?

My word is my life.

Do you love me when you say you do?

I do.  

Song of the Week. "Return to Sender"

October 10 2008
Well I am going to Hawaii tomorrow so I thought I would put an Elvis song up. Yeah I know this song has nothing to do with Hawaii but I like this song and well that is just about it. So I will see you guys in a few weeks, unless you are tyler...then I will see you tomorrow. "Return to Sender" by Elivis Presley.