Is this not crazy!!

March 01 2006

So today was the BIG day...yep sign ups for Passion 07 started at noon EST.  The first 500 registrants got the $99 was gone in 6 minutes.  6 MINUTES!!  Yours truly was one of the fortunate 500 (does that mean we're like the Fortune 500?...ha!).  Crazy me forgot my credit cards today so I'm like scrambling to call my brother to get his card number like 10 minutes til noon.  Thankfully, no prob there.  Then I had a crazy time trying to sign in to my account.  I didn't know my password so...yep had to wait for them to send it.  Thankfully I got everything squared away along with my brother and his fiance's registration.

And get this...the 2nd 500 could register for $109 and it was gone in like 2.5 minutes.  Is that not unbelievable?!

1000 people signed up for Passion 07 in 8.5 minutes.  Passion 07, here we come!

It's gonna be awesome!  Can't wait!!

Photoshop o' Fun

January 16 2006

So here's some of what I've been learning in Photoshop, thanks to my good friend Jen!  It's not a lot, but it is really cool in my book.  I'm proud of myself...can't wait to learn more! What do you all think??

This is one I've been working on for our upcoming youth ski retreat.

This one is just for fun and learning.

photo from acrossgeneration

Lots o' madness & a cool opportunity

November 05 2005
So this weekend I volunteered at a youth conference by Dare 2 Share.  D2S is an organization that equips teenagers to share their faith.  I've been involved with them for about 5 years now, since whenever they firt started coming to Charlotte.  The past couple years I've been running one of the two stationary cameras.  But this year, I was sadly disappointed when I learned that I wouldn't be needed in that way.  Actually, I was asked to be the assistant stage manager.  What a cool opportunity!  I couldn't believe how planned out everything was.  It was defintely crazy, but I learned so much!  I also enjoyed getting to know the members of the band, the main speakers, the actors, the sound & stage crew, etc.  They are definitely a great group of guys!  Now I'm to catch up on some zzzz's...


October 25 2005

Well, I must admit that I have a really great...ok, sometimes crazy friends.  I have been so incredibly blessed by them.  It has been so amazing to see God bring so many different people to Fusion.  Each one in some way or another has been such an encouragement to me, taught me so much, strengthened me in my walk, loved me even in the rough times, and made me laugh when I didn't really feel like laughing.  I love that Fusion is made up of such an ecclectic group of young people, but so godly examples of Christ.  No one has ever played Christianity.  They are real.  They pursue God relentlessly.  They pray relentlessly.  They hold me up.  In so many ways, they have blessed me immensely.  Thank you God for such friends as these!

"Unfailing Love"

September 25 2005
This was a picture of my friend, Ani, at Crowder's Mountain that I took and photoshopped. You can see the original in my photos. "Unfailing Love"'s so amazing. How much more I need to relish and remember that.

Photos from Crowder

September 18 2005

WOW!! I can't believe it. I wasn't born a hiker or anything, but I did it!! We proabably hiked about 8-10 miles overall, not bad for an unexperienced hiker. My friend Ani, whom I went with, is the experienced one. She just got back from hiking like 60 miles at the Grand Canyon. I have to hand it to her. Thankfully she would stop whenever I needed to. I enjoyed just the quietness of the woods and the breeze.

There were surprisingly lots of peple hiking, but we still found a good spot at the top to sit down and eat our sorely squashed sandwiches. Anyways, we had a lot of fun. I was totally exhausted yesterday and am completely sore today, but it's been a good tired and soreness, especially after accomplishing such a hike.

The view from our picnic spot


YAY!! I made it!!

Ani enjoying the view

Ani and I at the top of Crowder's Mountain

Some of the rock formations at the top

Summin' it up

September 16 2005

It's definitely been a long week. Remember those weeks when you were young and you just were getting back into the routine of school after a long summer break? That's what this week has felt like. Training went well. No problems there. I and another girl, Jennifer, started this week doing the same thing, so it's been good to have someone to learn with. We both finally got our own desks and computers set up!! WHOHOO!! Finally we can really begin.

I really wish that I had some pictures of the BG Center. It's absolutely gorgeous! First of all, it's back from the road, so it actually kind of looks like you're in the mountains. The design of the buildings is like a mountain lodge, with the stone and timbers. I just wish they had a locker room and showers so that I could ride my bike to work. They told me that the only place where there was a shower was in Franklin Graham's office. I've been telling people that I'm gonna write Franklin a note asking him if I can use his shower and why. Actually, Franklin was there today but I didn't get up enough courage to ask him because he was having lunch with a group out on the patio. But I think I really will write him a note and give it to his secretary.

Tomorrow I'm going hiking at Crowder's mountain with Ani, the absolutely most sweetest friend of mine!! I can't wait!! I'll post pictures later!!

On the edge...

September 11 2005

I'm sitting here tonight with much trepidation, ok maybe it's not that bad, but the anxiousness and nervousness is definitely welling up inside of me know. In less than 11 hours I will officially be at my new, but temporary job with BGEA. I haven't really been thinking about tomorrow. Probably trying to forget about it most times. In all honesty and regretful admittance, I'm not looking forward to it. In fact, I I KNOW that my friends and family are much excited about this job than I. I so despise entering any situation while being uncertain of it. I know that God can and has in the past proved me wrong during such situations, it's just that things go so much smoother when I myself am excited about it. In one manner, I think I'm taking this job is to 1) have some money to pay bills, 2) to hopefully earn enough to move out and 3) to appease my parents. That last one is tough because some time before deciding to go to NYC, I was looking for some temporary work and someone at BGEA heard my name and was interested in me. I, at the time, wasn't interested in BGEA at all (well, not much has really changed I suppose) and therefore I didn't even look into the offer. My parents were furious with me. Thankfully, I was spending the night at a friend's house when the worst of it took place. So now I feel like I'm getting ready to "do my time" so that they'll be satisfied and hopefully leave the job decision making up to me.

How do I find myself in situations like this? I really just want to hide tomorrow morning and never go on with this. And I don't completely understand why I feel this way. For one, I don't agree with building a whole ministry around one person. Sure BG has done lots of stuff for lots of people, but without him, what is it? For God sakes...the ministry is named after him, almost glorifying him in that. I've just never agreed with anyone who does that. you can probably tell, this is definitely not my dream job. It is only temporary, thank God. It is a job, at least I have that. So many people don't have that or else are making 5 or 6 dollars an hour at Wal-mart or McDonalds. s well as so many people on trhe gulf coast have just lost their jobs and now have nothing.

God, please prove me wrong. God please use me tomorrow, in the next few weeks and in the next few months. God, let me see the positive in all of this, not the negative. God, I don't know where or what it is that You ultimately want for my life. Please use this as a stepping stone, not a roadblock.

Thank you all for listening! I haven't really been able to unload my worries, that is until you read this. PLEASE...any and all prayers and encouragement are appreciated right now and in the next few days and weeks!


September 09 2005

Ok, maybe it wasn't Billy himself, but the BG Evangelistic Association did call me back and officially offer me the job that I applied for and of course I accepted. It isn't my dream job or anything, but it is possibly a foot in the door with this organization. I have heard comments from several people that they have tried to get a job there and were unsuccessful, so God has blessed me in that I did make it. Also, come to find out there are a couple of people from my church that also work there. I start training on Monday, so please keep me in your prayers.

God proved me wrong

September 08 2005

It's been so amazing to see all that God has taught me over the summer about about myself and about ministry. One area that struck me last night at a dinner to introduce the new youth pastor was about my influence (Thank you to John Maxwell's "The Law of Influence"). I never really saw before how many countless people children, youth, adults, seniors look up to me as a leader. And truly they do. What a great priviledge! Especially for the children and youth. Even the new youth pastor knows I'm a great resource for him. And that's great because I can make the transition into this new job all the more easier for him.

God has also given me the opportunity to help connect the women's ministry with the Fusion young adult women at my church. It's not a huge thing, but again it's another way in which God has shown me how much of a leader I truly am. I have no clue what I'll be doing, but I'm excited about the opportunity. God has put the desire on my heart to see a program be set up for young women to be mentored by older women. It's something I definitely need in my own life, so I know there are others like me who need the same.

Lastly, God has been showing me how much of a leader and how much influence I have in Fusion. Again, I never really saw myself as having much influence there, but come to find out I even had influence when I was 700 miles away in NYC. How awesome is that?

And here I thought I wasn't much of a leader, just someone in the background. God proved me wrong again.

Meet the family!

August 30 2005

Well, one of the first things I've done since returning to Charlotte was get a cat...well, actually it turned out to be 2 cats, sisters named Zoe (the black, explorer, wild one & my lap kitty) and Lily (gray, delicate one). They are so cute and I've enjoyed having them so far. And I am definitely glad to have some companions during this time.

Zoe and Lily checking out the goldfish.

Closeup of Lily


August 28 2005
Here's a copy of a handout I was "playing around with"...but seriously...the young adult group at my church needs some type of handout for people to give out to waiters/waitresses, cashiers, classmates, co-workers, etc. Please let me know what you think. Any suggestions for improvement?

AG logo & a Modern-Day Pentecost

August 27 2005
So...I've been toying with the idea of either creating or getting someone to create a logo for my website. Well...I finally put something together. This is the general idea of what I want. But perhaps a rough cross instead of the mosaic one.

What do you guys think? Any suggestions?

Fusion at Pentecost

My young adult Bible study was briefly talking about Pentecost last Thursday it's been rattling in my brain for a few days. What was it like? What would it have been like if it happened today? Well, here's my guess.

The Holy Spirit Comes on Fusion Game Night

1When the day of Fusion Game Night came, they were all together at a Charlotte bowling alley. 2Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole bowling alley where they were playing. 3They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them. 4All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them.

Wow...I've been having way too much fun. Better go to bed now!


August 27 2005

Hmmm...that's name meaning says:

./data/90.txtnot found

I wonder what that means! (sniffle & wipes away tear)

Anyways...had an awesome time tonight! My home church, Good Shepherd , hosted a Christian comedian & ventriloquist, Taylor Mason for our "Your House, Su Casa" campaign to reach out to our community. He was really good...I laughed so hard, I almost cried sometimes. There was also a great turnout...300 presold tickets, but probably 600 people there. YEAH GOD!!!

In the mean time...I've been looking for a full time job. Nothing in particular per se...just something that will earn me a "living" until God tells me where he wants me to go from here.

I have been so blessed by God in one really cool area. There was a young lady, Ani, that has been a part of Fusion (the young adult ministry at my church) that I never really had the opportunity to get to know well since she had been going to another Bible study than I. While I was back on vacation a few weeks ago, we had the chance to spend some time getting to know each other a bit better. I remember thinking, wow...she seems really sweet and on fire for God and I would love to get to know her better. Unbeknownst to me, she thought the same thing about me and was saddened that she wouldn't have the opportunity for almost another year. Well, returning to Charlotte, Ani and I have had some opportubities to get to know each other better and I am so thankful that God brought us together as friends. I definitely needed a friend like her during this time of confusion and lonliness. Thank You God!

Quotionary I

August 24 2005

"There are only 10 kinds of people in the world: those who understand binary and those who don't."
- unknown author

"There is a time for departure even when there's no certain place to go."
- Thomas Lanier "Tennessee" Williams, American dramatist in the 1953 play Camino Real

"If the church is the Body and we all have some part to play -- and we can't all be the eyes or the hands or the feet -- I guess somebody's got to be the butthole."
- Toby, to our small group Bible study in an attempt to explain the unsavory treatment one occasionally suffers at the hands of professing Christians

"I have an existential map. It has 'You are here' written all over it."
- Steven Wright, US comedian and actor

"It is impossible to go through life without trust: That is to be imprisoned in the worst cell of all, oneself."
- Graham Greene, The Ministry of Fear


August 24 2005

So now the search begins! Where and what in the world do you want me to do now God?!

Contacts have and are continuing to be made. Job applications have and are still being filled out. Lots of options. Maybe too many! Ahhh!!

For now...I am temporarily jumping back into my Russian studies...удивительный! ("Awesome!" pronounced "oodivitelniy")

How do you say that??

August 23 2005

Language is so important...if anyone of you knows that about'd better if you don't!

Your Linguistic Profile:

70% General American English
15% Dixie
15% Yankee
0% Midwestern
0% Upper Midwestern

What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

so here i am...

August 22 2005

...back in the Queen City! The very first thought when I drove by uptown Charlotte and saw the city skyline at almost 2 in the morning was "This isn't my home". I can't tell you all how many times I've thought about that since then. It seems so odd, because I never felt like this wasn't my home, at least until now.

I have absolutely no clue as to what I'll be doing now. least I have a part time job at a local Christian bookstore that I can fall back into. Full time work...hmmm...that's a good question, i'm not sure even where to start. Graduate school/Seminary...uhh...i don't know...i'm so tired of school work, even if I did enjoy it, i don't know if I can endure it. So here i am desparately praying that God would give me even a hint of a clue. Why is He doing what He's doing? I have absolutely no clue.

I feel so completely alone. I already miss the constant companions that I've had for the past 2 and a half months. Yes, even when I wanted to be alone, at least you guys were there.

I am trying so hard to contend with these feelings of failure...i know the enemy is trying to attack me. As much as I love the people of my church, I don't know how to even begin to explain all the things that have transpired. And I know they're very curious. Some friends of mine were sitting with me in in the young adult Bible study last Sunday morning, Ani and Laura asked me why I had returned. After telling them that God just didn't have me there for a year, Laura flat out said that I'd just given her the sweet, short answer and that she wanted to know the entire reason. "Yeah, easier said than done", I thought.

Guys, please, please keep me in your prayers. And if you get any time, please give me a call. I would definitely love to hear from you!
Cell: 704-562-72-42
Home: 704-525-65-60