End of phusebox

March 17 2008
I will no longer be posting on phusebox... If anyone is interested in keeping up with my blog email me and I will give you the address to my website...

long time

January 29 2008

haven't updated in a long time... but it seems like I do that a lot. Very busy lately with work and school.


Short rundown on what has gone on since last update

Finished a semester, had decent grades

Christmas Vacation, went to NH, lots of snow, busted my ear up pretty bad from a jump on a sled (currently my profile pic)

Started a new semester, fifteen hours this time

Closed on Big Springs, glad to get that one out of the way, huge house, still have a few things left on it though

Current, Closing on the last house in Jamison this week, lots of work but I think that I will get this one completely done this time.


That's what has gone on recently. Will try to update more for those who care... 

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22 2007
I just wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving. Hope it is an enjoyable day for everyone to spend time with friends and family and reflect on the blessings which God has given us.

The Bassist

October 19 2007

The Bassist 


you are high strung due to a sensory overload: from flashing lights, the touch of the crowd around you, the smell of pyrotechnics, and an all out assault upon the eardrums by a carefully orchestrated combination of crashing instruments. You can hear the high pitch solo of the lead guitar as the guitarists nimble fingers fly up and down the fretboard, the synthesizer of the keyboard as the pianist walks back and forth with a precise melody, the crash of the cymbals and the roll of the toms as the drummers arms wave about in seemingly reckless manner along with the 1 2 punch of the kick drum emphasizing each and every roll of the song. You can hear the dirty tone of the rhythm guitar as it moves throughout the crowd. However, with the exception of the kick drum, all of these sounds are exclusively heard. The other sound that you are experiencing is mostly better felt than heard. You can feel it filling your chest as well as any surrounding void with an incredible beat, a beat that almost seems to be exclusively driving your heart, pumping adrenaline throughout your entire body till you can't stand to think that it will stop. This is the Bassist



October 07 2007

I got my bike yesterday! It is a 2004 Honda Shadow Sabre with a 1100cc engine. IT IS GORGEOUS! I can't wait to get it out on the backroads :-)


October 02 2007

Made it back safely from cali... I will say that one should never sainly plan to drive across the country in two days because it sucks. We made good time though, we ended up leaving Thursday night at nine and arrived Saturday evening at nine thirty. We were only there for Sunday when we unloaded the truck and then went down to the San Francisco Bay to eat then we left Monday morning at 5am and arrived back in TN at 3pm. Now I can't wait to go and get a motorcycle! I am planning on getting a Honda Shadow Sabre... I will post pics when I get it.


Been a while

September 26 2007

So... it has been a while since I have updated.... not really much going on. I am just working two jobs and going to school full time, not much fun.


I am headed outto california tommorow night. My brother and I are driving a moving truck with all my grandparents stuff in it out there. I should be back either monday morning or afternoon.

When I get back I plan on getting a Honda Sabre 1100 (a  big motorcycle) I can't wait to get it. My house still is not set up the way that I would like it to be... I can never seem to find time to work on it for any extended period of time.


Hope to update again soon... 

New Hampshire '07

August 24 2007

In NH for my grandfathers 80th birthday.

The weather is nice, staying in the 70's, little cold for the beach. We wear sweatshirts on the beach when just sitting around but as long as you are moving it is warm enough to play in the water. My brother and I bought a new skimboard and I am trying to learn how to get some air off the waves, so far I haven't gotten very high. Not looking forward to coming back to the 100+ degree weather but school starts on monday :-p I am about to go bridge jumping with my cousing, that is going to be cold but it should be fun.


Two weekends ago I went out on the lake again, attempted back flips on the wakeboard for the first time... fun stuff. Can't wait to go out again, hope I don't have to wait till next summer to do so. 


Stay tuned for further updates...(if time permits)   

gone long

August 15 2007
so... I haven't updated in a while... generaly my life has been work, work, work on the house, work, and an occasional trip to the lake. Not to exciting. Everyone should come by and see my house whenever I get a chance to finish setting everything up. I'm going to NH next week for my grandfathers eightieth birthday party... I hope that it won't be too boring. I will deffinitly try to update more often...


June 30 2007

So... that post where Nathan said that there had been some deleted post... yeah I posted that night and haven't had time to post again since.


Update on life. I closed on my house wednesday afternoon, but I have not even had time to go over to my own new house since then. Working both jobs is taking almost all of my time. Though if anyone wants to come see me at Jim N' Nicks I work Monday through Friday nights. I grabbed a couple of spare hours the other day to go and see Live Free or Die Hard. That movie = amazing. if you haven't already you should go see it in theatres. I am working through this weekend but I am deffinitaly looking forward to a long enjoyable weekend off next week at the lake, I am really needing that break right now. Don't really know what else to say that is going on in life. 


May 29 2007
Had a lot of fun at the lake this past weekend. I am now landing big jumps on the wakeboard without many problems and I can jump and do a 180. I took a big spill and had my first bloody nose caused by water, surprisingly it was on the skis rather than the wakeboard. Aaron and I tried to barefoot... we couldn't get up, but it did hurt. I made a perfect dive out in the middle of the lake off of the side of the boat, I had perfect form, was going straight down, and had very little splash, the only problem was that the lake is apparently very low right now and there was only six foot of water. So I almost broke not only my hand but my neck as well, fortunately I only jammed my hand real bad. There were plenty of amazing jumps, saves and spills over the weekend made by all involved and there are some really cool pics that we got that I will post as soon as Havan and Aaron send them to me.

The LAN party was a lot of fun even though I had to leave early because of my lack of sleep. Unfortunately the dirtbikes canceled monday morning but all in all it was a fun weekend.  

Pirates III

May 25 2007
A bunch of us saw Pirates if the Carribean III last night. I liked it... pretty reandom but good. I am not to sure how I liked the ending though... but you will have to see it because I'm not going to tell you what it is.


May 24 2007
Yeah... so this weekend is going to pretty much be amazing. I am leaving tommorrow afternoon/night for the lake, I will be there till Sunday afternoon where I come back for a LAN party at Kennys, then after the lan party I grab a couple hours of sleep and run off to go dirtbiking on monday... talk about complete schweetness!


May 23 2007
I forgot (no idea how) to put in my last post that I am buying a house. It is pretty sweet, I should be closing on it the end of next month. I will put some pictures up when I get some.


May 22 2007
Went to the lake for the first time this year on saturday. It was freaking awesome. Starting at Jim n' Nicks this afternoon, it's going to be a busy summer. Between all the houses we have starting right now, working nights as a waiter I am really going to look forward to my weekends


April 25 2007
talk about schweetness! I just finished my last class for the semester. All that I have left are three finals over two days next week and then no more!

cooking the frame

March 30 2007
so... 4am and my project that is due at eight am is in the oven on low trying to help the glue dry faster... oy vey... I don't know that I would entierally call it procrastination, more lack of workable time :-p I will deffinitaly sleep well tonight though.

Evanescence was good but....

March 28 2007
yeah... awesome concert, late night, test in the morning :-p

Stunt Jesus

March 20 2007
My first practice for Trilogy II was last night, it shall be intereasting. I get to be covered in lots of blood and get beat up to the point of exhaustion followed by death. I have to admit though that while my acting may not be great, the song and the setting really make the performance hit home. It should be really good and everyone who reads this should come. Call or message me for more info.


March 02 2007

What am I to do with these?
Is there a way to leave them behind?
They are given to me without my input, without my consultation.
When pondered upon they tend to block everything else out.
When considered they tend to override every sensory.
Only those who have some that are similar can comprehend them.
Though some are without a grasp of understanding.
I would gladly give them away, but who would take them?
Even if someone would take them is it possible for me to be rid of them?
No, they are something to frequent me throughout my age.
Something to keep me company, but evoking feelings of utter loneliness.