Um...So yeah..

April 15 2006

If anybody ever cares or reads this leave me a comment and I'll try to do better with this thing. lol.



March 18 2006

I never update this thing....

Thats mine. Go to it. Add me. <3 ^^


March 04 2006


October 23 2005

Guess I'll update.....

Nothing really worth talking about. J-House is this week. ^^ But I'm sick so those two factors combined means that by Thursday, I'll collapse. But everyone stills needs to come to it. It's going to be really good this year.

The variety show went well. Even though I nearly died laughing during the first show. Poor Nikki. It was amazing though. If had been me...I'da just layed on the stage and died.

My family was here this weekend. Which was fun and all but......I woulda rather been other places with him. But oh well. That's my life... What do you expect?


October 18 2005
So..I just got this thingy and I'm tryin to figure out how it all works so....bear with me...Andif I know you. Add me!! ^^ Ok, more later.