April 13 2006
hey guys..phuseboxis retarded..visit mea at www.myspace.com/to0_many_thoughtz   holla at cha guh..*muah*


March 22 2006
met a real cute khmai guy..he's pretty c0ol..but dunno much bout him yets..newayz..go0dness..grlz witch alot...all dey ever do0 is talk shizz bout one another..ruin great friendships over stupid stuff...urgh..wat u should do0i juss let dem argue n w/e..until dey start scrappin..den dats where u come n....newayz...sho0t...think bout wat u guys ruining...and for wat..

Questions to you

March 13 2006

why did you leave me? why did we always fight and argue over the little things? why did i say those things to you? why did i disrespect you so much? why dont we ever talk? why did you promise me we would always be together? why didnt we just work things out? why do we have to end up like this? were we in love? was it all just a dream? do you still love me? do we even have a chance to be together again? when you look at me,is there nothing left? answer my questions...


March 12 2006

I need to get mah license so0 badly....theres nu1o0 to0 do0..im so0 bored..i cant go newherez cuhz im the most hated azn person alive in murfee..go0dness...newayz...im ogin to0 riverdale next year...gonna suck..cuhz imma c sum faces dat i dun wanna even l0ok at oba dere...urgh..

Wat It Do?

March 10 2006
well..after i went to0 the jrotc game nite i went to0 sprotscom n ran for w hile..den went swimming..saw aaron..amanda t..nouth..darlina..jesse..his cuhzzin...danny..andrew..noah..bruce..n dat hata name ronny...o0 gyea i saw erica n megan...played ball..but i almost drowned to0...cuhz erry1 kept splashin water n mah face while i was at da deep end....im raeal short n i got tired o0f swimmin fast..but neewayz..had fun..dats all i did thoe...n mea n mah daddy spent a lil time together n da car..we talked bout class n how i should do things for mea not for him or mah friends..i love him so much..


March 09 2006
have you ever felt that u thot u had everything until it all went away?a loved one..close friends...everything...well..thats happein to0 mea..i had the popularity..grades...love of my life..and great friends...but now all i have is me n god...of course my family n mah bff lizzie is behind mea..but they have thier own worries....i gess...this is wat is was meant to b for mea..but u noe..i dun mind...im changin..for da go0d...not gonna try to0 b wat others want mea to0 b..my heart n soul had been used n spit out so0 many times..time to0 take care of mah own worries first from now on..


March 06 2006
Im starting my life over..its going to be really hard..yall noe mea as the bad ass azn chicc..aka slut or hoe..but not nemores..Im tired of trying to get people to like me....I show ppl wat they want instead of what I want..Imma stop trying to be what others want me to be...and b true to myself...itz gonna b real hard..but Im not tryin to0 prove anything...but I did lose sum1o0 extremely important to mea that I want back..and maybe..if I try real hard enuff..n show him that I have changd...myabe he'll come back to mea...but I know that will never happen..but my heart seems to think so...cuhz I know he loves mea still...


March 04 2006
All this drama cirlce around me i had enuff..pplz..i juss wanna lib mah life wif out u guyz itnkin i hate u..y would i hate u wen i dun talk to0 u or i dun see u...


March 02 2006

Wow..I got a phuse box!! now wat do0 i do0o? all my probs n shtuff r told to0 mah guhs..not u strangers..lol..jk..more to0 come so0n