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April 14 2006
just when i thought all the drama was over i realized it was just the calm before the storm...


April 14 2006
just when i thought all the drama was over i realized it was just the calm before the storm...


April 12 2006




March 26 2006

so im going to FlOrIdA and the most amazign chick ever...

is comming with me and we are gonna have so much fun and go...

absolutley crazy but when asked what we did we will just...

smile and say... "chilled on the beach" but we will always remember...

SpRiNg BrEaK 06' in LaGuNa BeAcH FL


March 16 2006

true friends know when you are sad and what you ned! these girls are the mosta amazing ever they brougth me ice cream when i had a bad day! i love them so much!


March 15 2006

&& i miss you liek mad...


February 26 2006
sosick of love sogns so sad and solw.. so why i can't i turn off the radio?


February 18 2006

SNOW DAY WITH LJ! hey that rymed! lol


LJ fell on that thign im holdign the first day she came to my house and she still ahs a scar from it its our love scar lol!

i like how were loking away very artsy is that even a word?? lol

we are too cute!

this oen is my favorite!

this one is good to!

im eating snow! lol


February 07 2006

time for pictures!

me and taylor after homecomming we got soo hot!

hah me and kristen in homeroom lol (its jello) lol

why is AJ so gangster?? i love him lol

me and LJ in her HOTTUB!! too much fun love this chick!

baby daddy is soo pimp lol

aww me and charles!

forget the hiltons its the Klingenmeyers! those girls are so pretty!

hah the sign says ill kiss you for a dollar! lol

Melanie Sunshine Gatewood is uBer FabUlouS!

well thats it for now ill update in another couple months lol!

fun with LJ

November 26 2005

who says white girls can't dance

i love this picture lol

my grandpa does comercials for six flags lol

birthday gift from my brother.. he syas i cant open it till im 21 lol!!

random pics for ya!!


November 22 2005

me and aaron my first UT game!!

me and my little brother dang hes so cute!!

this chick is my bffl she is amazing!!

i like this picture of me and caroline i think it look scool lol it makes me smile!

aww me and Gremani hes so sweet!

i had a great b-day and thats all for now i am very tired and want to go talk on the phone lol ima holla at muh numbah one home girl Ashton aka Tijuana!! lol



November 03 2005

this chick is AmAzInG!!! we had so much fun a warrior walk!!

2 of my favorite asians!! we are like glowing in this picture i thikn its cool! lol

i thought this was a funny picture my ex boyfriend is in the back lol akward(sp?) lol

this boy is amazing i love him so much!!

and last but SOO not least is me and my LJ we are soo gangster!! shes so amazing

so yeah just figured out how to do like pictures so yeah haha go me!!

addie lj day

October 22 2005
yeah so today i hed to get up at like 8 in the morning to go watch my little brother play baseball and that was cool they won but it was soo cold then we went home and i had to clean alot then lj came and got me and we went to tailgate and to the MTSU game and omg it was soo much fun! i had a blast even though they lost 10 to 13 but oh well it was kinda cold there too and Lj is amazing i love that chick!!


October 02 2005
pretty sure i spent the whole weekend with LJ and it was amazing! i love her so so so much and yeah !!

get this..

September 29 2005
we might have to move.. to St. Louis!


September 24 2005
ok pretty sure last night was the most fun i have had in a long time!! me stephen ina kasey macy lauren and ann got all dressed up and went roller skating!! it was amizing we had like a fan club and all these litte kids were like ughh i dont like ur outfits and stephen was like what are you like 11 or something lol it was a blast and i made a good new friend Ina is AmAzInG!


September 21 2005
i felt so numb today i dont know ahts wrong with me... i need someone to love and someone to love me.. im lonley.. im confused...i dont know what to think... god this is retarded


September 16 2005
lol off to the football game i love life right now it just couldn't get any better!! im just in a really good mood ritgh now all i need is a car and a boyfriend and i could die happy! lol but dont worry im notr going anywhere any time soon haha!

boys boys boys...

September 09 2005
they are so wierd... i just dont understand im getting fed up!!


September 08 2005
were today and they went well i dont think i got a part but it was somuch fun!! i kinda hope i get a part even if its really small i just want to be a part of it ... you know,.. well thats all for now ill talk to you guys later! lots of love

the addster!