Home Sweet Home....

November 18 2005
Hey I am coming home Tuesday!!!!!! I hope to see everyone!!! I will be home for a month and half!!!! Go God!! I have many awesome stories to tell!! Love you guys!!!

Go God!!!

November 05 2005
God is so cool!!!!!! I am in Salt Lake city, Utah and drving to San Francisco!!! I am so excited about seeing the Golden Gate bridge!!! Yeah!!! I will be home in about 2 and half weeks!!!

Niagara Falls!!!!

October 09 2005

photo from Shay-Shay

Yeah Niagara Falls!!!!

October 09 2005

photo from Shay-Shay

God is sooo Amazing....

October 09 2005
I put new pics up from some of the places I have been too!!!!! God is blowing me away!!!

And I am Where....

October 04 2005
Wisconsin and I am going to Nigra Falls in a couple of days!!!!!!! YEah!!! And I left my rainbows (the best sandels in the world) at Yellowstone park and left my cell phone in Iawo!!! but soon I will have them mailed to me!!! YEAH!!! I am so HAPPY about that!!! Please pray for the team I am with and that God would give us strength and strong unity!!! Also I have stayed up till 6:30 in the morning for 2 nights in a row watching movies!! Good times!!! God is doing really awesome things in the youth groups that we have spoke at!!! Go God!!!!


September 28 2005
I am in Canada and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is really really cool....

September 17 2005
Hey everyone, I am in Washington at the moment and it is such a beautiful state. In a couple of hours I will be in Seattle, Washington. I can't wait!!!!! God is SOOOO God!!!! Have a awesome day!!!!:) I am having so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!

God is taking me where....?

September 09 2005
Ok so its been a while since I last updated. I have been so busy but also getting well
needed rest. I went home for a week to visit friends and family and it was so awesome to see everyone and to sleep alot. God did so much this summer and He showed me so much like how He loves me. He told me He loved me so much this summer and that He is my provider all the time. I heard God's voice more this summer then ever before. And I realized He is talking to me all the time and I just need to open my ears to hear what He is saying. I also got to see students stand up saying that God wants them to me missionaries and for them to let go of everything and follow Him. Cool Stuff!!! God is so amazing!!! Now I am back in LA for training to go on a thing called Moblie team. It is where I go all over the United States and Canada and visit all the youth groups that came this summer to see how there commentent with God is going. Then I am coming home the month of December to visit family and to have my birthday and Christmas home because in Januray I am going to Vanuatu (Pacific Island) for a year to help poineer a DTS that I did in Kona, Hawaii last September. I am so excited!!! I can't wait to see what God is going to do that year. I think God has kinda showed me a little of what He wants me to do. But I am still waiting!!! Praise the Lord!!! But if you could I need some prayer. For this Moblie team thing I need $700 and I only have about $100 so far and I need it all in like a week. I know God will provide but I am waiting. Please pray that I will be not be nervous and I will just be patient. I know God is going to blow me away. You can also pray that our team would grow strong in unity and love and will impact many churches this fall when we come thru. Alright love you guys!!! Thanks for your prayers. Remember God loves you more then you could every imagine and also you have freedom in HIm becasue He already did everything on the cross over 2000 years ago!!! He did all for YOU!!!!

Life Changing....

August 06 2005

photo from Shay-Shay

This is some of the cries of many of the students this summer. And that is only some. God has been totally amazing this summer. And its not even close to being done. We have 2 weeks left of students coming in and then I will be coming home for a week and then flying back to Los Angeles to go a thing called the "Moble Team" which is where we go to many of the youth groups churches and see how there commitment with God is now after Mission Adventures!! Its been really cool to see students come here not knowing God or caring about having a relationship with God and then leaving on Friday with a relationship and knowing God has a HUGE calling for there lives!!! Many students have come and have actually got a call to go to other countries such as Nepal, South Africa, Mexico, India, Afghanistan, North Korea, and the United States. Many have gotten visions, dreams, and pictures of there lives and other countries of healings and salvations. God has truly blessed me with so much this summer!!! I love the staff here and the students that come every week. It has been a challanging summer of going to your limits (becasue I have been there more then once) and God teaching me more and more of His character. He has taken me from healing to Joy and Joy to healing. If that makes since. Its been really cool to speak into sudents lifes with truth and love!!! I can't wait to see you guys in the boro in a couple of weeks. YEAH!!! Here is a song that one our worship leaders wrote that is really awesome and its called "Sovereign King"

Father here we are now
A hungrey generation
we stand amazed in your presence
And with each revelation God we

Praise You for all you are
God we praise You with all our heart

Lord reveal Your glory
Unleash Your power
Unveil Your mysteries
Oh God let this be the hour that we

Praise You for all You are
God we praise You with all our heart

For we know that we've been saved by grace
And reconciled to you
So we join with the angels singing, praising
Dancing in our Liberty

We sing arise Oh Jah
Let Your Kingdom regin
Let the whole earth sing that You are the one God
You are the sovereign King
Glory to the King of Kings

As you pour out You Spirit
All over Your broken
We cannnot contain You
This passion is burning, erupting

Even now you flood our hearts in Spirit and in Truth
Let this love be light unto the nations
Let this life be worship unto You

Send Your Glory
Let Your Glory Fall
Send Your Glory send your glory
Let your Glory fall, let Your Glory fall
Oh Sovereign One, let Your Glory fall

Great song!!!! I love how God is so Good!!! This has been life changing in more ways then one!! AMEN

Photo From Shay-Shay

July 10 2005

photo from Shay-Shay

Some of the Staff hanging out at the beach where many movies were filmed!! Good times and lots of laughs!!!

Good Times in L.A.....

July 10 2005
Hey Everyone,
Well, this week was awesome!!! God really worked in alot of students lifes this week. Alot of them left set free from bondage!!! AMEN!!!! This coming up week will be the 4th week of students coming and I can't wait!!!! That means that we have 6 weeks left. Good times!! Yesterday we went Venice Beach. Where lots movies are recorded like "White Man Can't Jump." It was really cool!!! And I saw all different/werid kinds of people!!! It was a really cool I will never forget it. I also got sun burn on my face really bad and it hurts so bad. But, after the beach time we went to this place where you could get 2 cookies with ice cream in the middle to have as a ice cream sandwich and it was only a $1. It was amazing!!! I am having such a blast here God is working in my life and the staffs, and the students in so many ways. It blows me away. If you could just keep the students in your prayers as they come in every Monday and leave for Mexcio on Friday mornings. I will talk to you guys later. Love you all!! Thanks for your prayers!! Also I forgot to tell you that last week I went to see downtown Beverly Hills where some of Clueless was filmed. It was so exciting!!!

Seeing the Stars....

July 03 2005
I am pretty sure I had an awesome time tonight!!!! We went to Hollywood and saw the stars!!!! From Mickey Mouse to Brittany Spears and so many others. It was so much fun. I will never forget it!!! And the my favorite part was when we prayed over the Scientology church (the religion that Tom Cruise is apart of). We prayed that it would fall to the ground and Jesus would shine His light!!! I can't wait till that day!!!! Go God!!!

Mission Adventures!!!!

July 02 2005
Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.
Proverbs 3:5-6
Hey Guys, Well, I am finally going to try to do something like this to help everyone know whats going on with me and God's Adventure. And its been amazing so far. I am here in Los Angeles staffing a camp called Mission Adventures (MA) where new students come every week and learn skits, dramas, clowns, and VBS kinda of things and most importantly grow with God in a strong spiritual way. After the week with us they go down to Mexcio (Tijuana) and do all the things we taught them there to the mexican people. We just got done with our 2nd week and God has already blown us away with how He works!!! The first week was amazing!! We had a team from Alaska come through, so another confirmation!!! I can't wait to get there!!! I will never forget it. The students were so excited and ready to do whatever God asked them to do. God set FREE alot of youth. And many came to know the LORD for the first time!!! We had alot of students say that God had called them into missions. Good Stuff!!! The 2nd week was awesome. Alot of praying and spiritual warfare went on this week and God is always faithful and good. And I can't wait till I hear about what happen in Mexcio with the students. I have 6 more weeks to go. And I am so excited to see what else God does. I LOVE the staff that I am working with. They are amazing!!! God works through them so much and they encourage me to keep pressing in. HUGE for me this summer!!!! God contiunes to speak to me about that. I also feel like this summer God is going to teach me so much of relying on Him then anything else. There is so much more. But not much time!! I will put photos and on here when I have more time!!! Well, I love you all!!! Continue to pray for me and the staff here for strength, rest, and joy!!!! I can't wait to see what God does!! God is so GOOD!!!! I miss you all!!!
In Him and through faith in Him we may approach God with freedom and confidence. Ephesians 3:12 YEAH!!!