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March 07 2006

Hey y'all...sorry its been soo long since i updated!!!lol but me and josh took a break but now were ok!!im happy we took helped alot...i love him soo much!lol soo leave me lotsof commetns! I love you josh


January 07 2006

1st started going out


..ok me and josh have been goin out for 2 months..weve changed soo much towards eachother...and like if you look at the pics you can maybe see it..its love..not fake..REAL TRUE love


January 02 2006

the love of my friggin life..

ok y' and this guy from blackman..joshua walton...idk he just completes me....we fight alot not like ALL THE TIME but twice a week and it scares me..cause yeah...he is my 1ST relationship i know can work..soo yeah...its scary..buut i deal with it and i love him..soooo much

i love you josh

in love

December 14 2005

wow..i dont think ive ever looked that good in a pic that time of night....josh,i guess your the only one who can grab my looks in a the way my AMAZINly lovin and hot(lol) boyfriend...joshua d. walton...took that pic of me durin hidin go seek in the dark

i love you josh


December 05 2005 hes great

is that not funny??

straight up!!

ok well im updatin cause ive been told to!!!idk what to say!!!except christmas and me and josh's 2 month is comin up!!same!!!i love you josh


November 29 2005

Well this is Josh for the millonth time.. gosh Beth!!!lol you know I love you baby.. and yeah well Im goign to update for her and stuff so yeah... well me and beth are going to have a fun week / weekend and I hope that she gets to feelin better and yeah.... we had fun this whole weekend...besides a couple of fights but yeah... we get throught those.. and stuff.. well yeah I'm in second period right now not doing anything... and stuff but Im goin to go.. yall leave her some comments... Love you Beth

-Josh updating for Beth-

The HOt WEeKEnd

November 15 2005

LOL well this weekend was off the hook and yeah well by the way this is Josh updating for Beth because apparently she doesnt want to do it and yeah asked me too... well I'm at school right now just hangin with friends and not doing my work lol.. but yeah me and Beth had a great time this weekend just chilling with each other I went over to her house and she come over to mine and no we didnt do anything but watch movies and eat lol.. but yeah.. well Im out.. LOve you Beth and I'll call you tonight baby..PeaCe

-Josh updating for Bethy POO!!!

hey hotties

November 09 2005

hey nerds! im finally updatin!!!lol soo yeah life is pretty much going good!!!lol got an amzing boyfriend! and my team is in playoffs and i dont have 5th or 6th prd today cause of a play!!lol but yeah gotta go get pretty!!i love you baby!



November 07 2005

Hey everybody well this is Josh and I just made Beth one cuz shes been wanting one for awhile but her computer wouldnt let her.. so yeah i did it for her.. Well leave her some comments. Love you Baby


P.S. I'll call you tonight!