Harvey Ditch Jump

July 10 2007
Yeah so Harvey jumped into a very gross ditch puddle today in Laurall, Montana.  We are here on a Mission trip.  so yeah, enjoy


January 21 2007
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God's Eye

October 16 2006

This picture was taken by the Hubble telescope.  They called it "God's eye"   I think it looks pretty neat :-)

brown recluse bite or staph infection?

October 13 2006

Yeah so i either have a brown recluse bite or a staph infection on my neck.  One doctor thinks its a bite, and another thinks its staph.  I'm being treated for staph and both doctors said there no good treatment for brown recluse bite.  On top of all that, i have strep throat.  I'm on separate drugs for that.

So yeah...keep me in your prayers please.

I'd show you a picture of it but truse me you dont wanna see... i wont lie its gotten pretty disgusting.


October 09 2006

"Evangelize with your ears."

-Gary Morgan

Taylor Guitar!

July 29 2006
 I went taylor guitar shopping today, but i didnt really expect to buy one.  However, i found a deal on one that i just couldnt resist so...

I have a Taylor Grand Symphony Guitar!!

Vacation = fun

July 23 2006

Had a great family vacation in Florida.

We went skim-boarding.  Here's getting ready to throw the board:

Here's me laughing off the pain after i wiped out:

We flew a kite:

ate at fun restaurants:

built a sand castle:

went putt putting:

we even swam all the way out to the sand bar(about 300 yards out) to look for sand dollars. we didnt stay to long cause it was 12 feet deep and we were being pulled out to sea once we got out there.

but yeah...overall it was a great vacation.  I'm glad to be back, but i will certainly miss the beach  ;-)


July 16 2006

Going to Florida for the week on vacation with my family! :-D wohoo!!

amazing four weeks

July 10 2006

these past 4 weeks have been great!  It started with vbs at my church where i got to help teach missions with my dad.  Then the next week was bonaroo.  I had the oppertunity to minister to hundreds of people that went to bonaroo.  Many i got to talk to and build somewhat of a relationship with and try to fit a gospel presentation somewhere in the conversation.  Others i just got to hand out a bible and a frisbee with a track on the back of the disc. 

Then i got to go be a counselor at SuperWow(the camp that our youth group goes to every year and Fort Walton beach FL)  Yeah so we pretty much have the most amazing youth group ever.  Seriously, they are awesome!

Then i got to be a counselor at centri kids.  That was really fun cause i'm pretty much a big kid anyways.  I had the oppertunity to encourage some of our upcomming youth to get involved in our youth ministry so that was cool.

Then after camp i spent 4 hours in terrible traffic to head to Dickson to see Dani.  But yeah, it was definately worth it.  We went to see pirates of the Caribbean which and it was hilarious!  Go see it!  You wont have as good company as i had, but you should still go see it.  Then we went to see a wheat threashing and ate saw how they make flour and cornmill.  it was really cool.  Then Dani took me to the farm.  we skipped rocks, ate watermellon and waded out in the water.  It was beautiful!  three hundred acres of undeveloped land surrounded by hills and trees.  She found a rock that looked like a heart and gave it to me. hehehe Dani gave me her heart of stone:

So now i'm home for a week, then i'm headed back to Florida for our family vacation.  Fun stuff.


May 13 2006

so my mom and grandma wanted to go "girl shopping" so they dropped me off at Kent Stanton music store.  I got to play some gorgeous taylor guitars:

My personal fav being the one on the top right of this pic:

yeah that would be a 614ce...currently my favorite acoustic guitar on the market though ive havent played the new gs series yet.

good times...

good prank...

May 07 2006
so apparantly someone drove around manchester collecting political signs, real estate signs, promotional signs and yard sale signs and put them all in our yard.  clever and amusing...nicely done.

summer break...so close

April 12 2006

Can time warp forward about three weeks?...cause thatd be great. :-)  One of yall smart computer nerds needs to work on creating a time machine of some sort.


March 25 2006
Wooooo!  Undefeated in the frisbee tournament!

taking a break from my studies

March 23 2006
grrrrrrr....stupid intro to music.  should not be this hard dang it....it just shouldnt.

The Death of Gigantor :-(

March 09 2006

The process was slow and painful for the poor fellow:

He was a good...no, great snowman.  We shall miss you Gigantor.  May you rest in peace.

New Toys!

March 08 2006

I got a couple new things that i'm going to enjoy very much :-D

First:  I got a very nice new racqetball racquet.

Second(and infinately better and more important than the first):  I got a new car! Woooooo!  2003 Mustang!! :-D


March 04 2006

You are .gif Sometimes you are animated, but usually you just sit there and look pretty.
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haha...it siad i was pretty.

Just so i wont have to explain it 5 million times...

February 25 2006

I was in a car wreck.  Here is how it happened:

  There were two semi's in the emergency lane, a car beside me in the slow lane, and me in the left lane.  The two semi's were trying to merge back onto the right lane which forced the car beside me to swerve into my lane.  fortunately, i was paying attention and saw it, so i swerved into the median.  Then i saw a bright yellow light...no it wasnt the light at the end of the tunnel.  it was the reflector at the end of gaurd rail.  so i cut the wheel hard left to try and avoid it, but instead, my car turned a 180 and my trunk smashed into the gaurd rail at 77ish mph and spun me into the middle of the median. 

I feel very lucky that it turned out the way it did.  I hit a gaurd rail going to fast and walk away with only a sore neck from whip lash.  if i hadnt been paying attention, i probably would be in the hospital right now. 

And just to let you know there are still good samaritans in the world.  A guy that saw the crashed, stopped to make sure i was ok, called the cops, and waited untill they got there.  he also said he would tell the insurance company that it wasnt my fault if i needed him to.  later, a nurse stopped and made sure i was ok, and even later another man stopped to make sure i was ok also.

Thank you Jesus for protecting me.

so yeah, now maybe i wont have to explain it to as many people...