July 09 2007

wow. This is so different. I don't even know what I'm doing. well, this is me now

It's the most resent one. I dont know how to put the newest resent ones on here cause they be on my camera and I don't know how to do all that.

That funny looking guy is my boyfriend, Andrew.He is a photographer. We've been together for 6 months.

If any one wants a hair cut I go to school at the Buro Barber Academy and they are only 4 dollars.

um, Andrew is getting baptised!!!!! in 2 weeks!!

And it's weird that I'm 20.

And that be it for a while i guess.



February 21 2007
It's amazing how much I've changed since high school...


November 06 2006

Wow, it's been awhile.....


October 04 2006
So, I only listed the 3 friends that I had talked to that day. So if you weren't listed you still rock my face off!!!


October 03 2006

I love my friends!!!

Amanda, Brett, and Jackie rock my face off!!!


September 25 2006
I have a myspace now and it distracts me from phusebox.


September 19 2006

It's a perfect day outside today!!

And I have to work inside - a double shift.


September 17 2006
I can never sleep anymore. Or at least since September started. I just lay awake at night till about 5 or 6 am . I hate it. As Greenday says, "wake me up, when September ends".

Pointless Rambling

September 12 2006

You were my perfect summer

that went by way too fast.

You were like a warm breeze

a small whisper

a ripple in the water

a familiar tune

a starry night

my favorite milkshake

You were my adventure.

a long drive with the windows down

a day at the lake

a late night movie

something to do on a rainy day

a bag of jelly beans

a dozen roses

my hero

Did I not try hard enough?

Why try to light a fire that can't be lit?

You are now a sleepless night

a lonely day

an empty dream

a thousand tears

a distant memory

a familiar stranger

 A perfect end to a perfect summer.

a new begining to a beautiful friendship

A heavy sigh

and a scared step foward

a confused and heavy heart

How do you make a summer last forever?


September 10 2006
I love music. Music makes the world go around. I miss singing.


September 05 2006

I wish life was like a musical. Then we could all burst into song when words are not enough to express what we feel. That would be cool and quite fun as well.



September 04 2006

I love green tea!

And I love chocolate and I love hugs and I love jelly beans and I love singing and I love flowers and I love the beach and I love autum and I love the lake and I love the name Eddie and I love movies and I love these the most with friends!!!


September 02 2006

Chris broke up with me. Why does it hurt so bad?

Wish I could fly away

Leave all this to yesterday

What more could your love do for me?

When will love be through with me?

Why live life from dream to dream,

And dread the day when dreaming ends

Wish I could fly away

Fly, fly away.


August 30 2006

"People hold their cards so tight to their chest. Life is short. Tell people you love them. What's the worst that could happen?"

-Drew Barrymore

The Wedding Singer

August 29 2006

Who's that girl with the perfect future? Her reflection says it all. Trying hard to pretend she's eagar, searching for some way to stall. So unsure of the road she's chosen, having feelings her heart should not allow... 

If I told you all the things I've yet to say, would it matter or would you simply turn and walk away?                                                                 If I hold you, would you say that I should go? Do I chance it or would it just be better not to know?


August 25 2006
My being $10 short Wednesday got me fired yesterday.


August 23 2006

Chris comes home tomorrow! w00t w00t!!

I was $10 short in my register today. Not good. I don't wanna go in to work tomorrow. This is very not good.

I'm looking more into beauty school now. I might be a cosmetologist or an esthetictain (sp?). I don't wanna go into work tomorrow.


August 18 2006

"I can't understand it

The search for an answer is met with a darker day 

And we've been handed these moments forever 

But I'm reassured there's another way"                                  


August 17 2006
It would be cool if ya'll could pray for me, cause I need it.

The longest week and 2 days ever

August 16 2006

Oh, how I miss him! Only two more weeks?