Hawaii Boys


Sad night for Hodg-E

February 09 2006

So this was a sad night for me, come on a journey with me so that I can share with you what happened

So I was making my why into the kitchen when it all started.

It was about 10pm and since my mom is pretty much the most freaken coolest mom EVER, she had sent me some snakes(aka snacks) this week. (This made me very happy since we can't really afford snakes(aka snacks) down here, I love my mama.) So knowing that I have snakes(snacks) just waiting on me I headed for our (mine and jeffs) own pantry.  

And yes that said Missionaries Pantry (that's what they call us) its kinda funny!

Anyways, I opened up the "MISSIONARIES PANTRY" looking for…….MY "Chips Ahoy" Chewy cookies. You know the best kind of cookie ever, b/c there all chewy and soft :), yeah those…..and found

THEY WERE GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was terrible, I was so confused.

And that's when it hit me…..they were really gone.  

But thenI remembered that tonight was youth group night. and jeff and I just so happen to live in the church.( so the youth room is about 3 steps from our room and the kitchen. The youth also always eats after they are done with church for the night…) So I new if I probably looked around I would find some evidence……. and then a brake through….

But it was to late

So who did this? Why was this done? These are question that must be and will be answered soon. more to come in the next few days, But for now it is a sad night for Hodg-E


February 09 2006
snacks honey, not snakes....o dear.... what shall we do with you?

Garrett Haynes

February 09 2006
haha yeah i was gonna say...your mom sent you a snake?! she would have to be the coolest mom ever....

olivia carter

February 09 2006
so what happened to the snakes?

Rachael Vance

February 09 2006
haha...i have to admit...i feel a little bit sorry for u. i'm mean, after i quit laughing, i felt kinda sad for you.

elizabeth duncan

February 09 2006
i was so confused about the snakes. then i thought "snakes" was a nickname you made up for some sort of SNACK...for example, CHEETOS! My imagination is crazy.

Hawaii Boys

February 09 2006
So yeah down here in the islands “snacks” are called “snakes” its just more of there random pigeon words……. Ok, so raelly it’s not but…..i wsih it was rihgt now, anyawys grwoing up I’ve had waht some poeple wuold call a “spelling disability”, mnaeing taht wrods and lettres dno’t raelly cmoe togheter or sonud rihgt to me. (so yaeh im taht guy) so I try to chcek and recehck berofe sedning post out taht way I dno’t miss splel a esay wrod scuh as….i don’t konw snacks…….But raelly its jeffs fualt b/c he is suppsoe to chcek my psot befroe tehy go out, and yaeh he didn’t. so mkae fun of him -hodge


February 09 2006
ooppsie....maybe the leaders must have thought that it was for our youth night our something because i remember eating sum cookies....maybe it was yours...sorry...lol =)

John Dunahoo

February 09 2006
well no one noticed but you were making your WAY not your WHY.... but is this a incredible photo driven story (possible scandal) to get us in here ainland America to send you lower priced chewy soft cookies? LOL i know you want them

Lacy Evans

February 09 2006
Can I say that I LOVE and even LOOK FORWARD to the (as John termed) "photo driven stories". I can actually see it happening! lol I love you tons and can't wait for the continuation of the story!!!


February 09 2006
haha... we gotta get some more of those man!

Maria Haun

February 10 2006
hubby...what can i send you? you need a gift from your wifey to cheer you up after losing your "snakes"...love ya

Jade Nicole Burnett

February 10 2006
awwwwww.. I'll send you some cookies sweetie LOL


February 10 2006
um, that sucks. those are the greatest cookies.

Hawaii Boys

February 10 2006
i would just like to say that i am not responsible for posts that are made after i am asleep. -Jeff


February 13 2006
lol you have a go-tee haha


February 21 2006
it was all the g-force kids but you know im innocent because i would never think of eating chips ahoy because you know theyre chewy and soft and pretty much the best cookies in the world