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Blackman High

Showcase '07

May 14 2007


it's my dance recital : ]

june 9, 4 PM

murphee center at MTSU.

be there...

or im gonna getcha...

just a thought...

April 28 2007

maybe i'll start updating this more often.

I'm still here

September 18 2006
it's been a really long time since i've been on here. wow. well, that's really it cuz i have dance in a couple minutes. yeah, so...... yeah..


August 25 2006

dance tryouts tomorrow....

so nervous...

had one day to learn three routines....

3 different leaps....

4 different turns....

"the walk"....

the "sexy back" song....



August 25 2006

dance tryouts tomorrow....

so nervous...

had one day to learn three routines....

3 different leaps....

4 different turns....

"the walk"....

the "sexy back" song....


Good Stuff

August 18 2006

high school's pretty stressful, but the first week is over, so maybe it'll get better from here. i dont know.

Blackman High

August 14 2006

today was my first day of high school. all my classes are pretty much in the same area, but i still got lost twice. it's way bigger than the middle school.


August 05 2006
yep, nationals has finally arrived. i'm so freakin excited, last year i got to know my youth group so much more, and i cant wait for it again!!! so this is probably gonna be my last post for awhile cuz i'll be in florida (yay). unless there's a computer there that i can use, i wont post again for another weekish. so, that's all i gotta say.


August 03 2006

so yesterday was pretty much awesome to me. i got "re-united" with a friend i havent talked to for awhile. then, church was awesome. then, i went to steak and shake with a bunch of ppl from church, and that was fun. somehow, i got gum stuck on my elbow, i had to scrape it off with a knife. as much as it hurt, it was hilarious. then, my friend kelly slept over and we had bunches of fun. when she fell asleep, i got on the computer and got "re-united" with another guy i havent talked to in forever, now we're pretty much best friends. it was awesome. why cant more days be like that. oh, and...



August 02 2006
im really really really excited right now. for a few things. one, for fine arts of course. the other, i really really need someone i can trust to tell this to.


July 30 2006

so i finnally saw it last night!! it was great. like everyone else said, the ending left me like "WHAT THE FRICKIN CRAP?!?!?!"

All these good things!!!!

July 18 2006

today was officially awesome. i got my fine arts payments paid with a lot more extra money than i thought, so i got a new video camera!!! plus, not only is it a video camera, but it's an mp3 player!!!! and, we got a digital dvd player!!! and, tomorrow, i'm goin to florida for 10 days!! i'm not lookin forward to the 12 hour car ride there, nor am i looking forward to not seeing my friends for 10 days, but it's gonna be AWESOME!!! in my next post, i'm pretty sure there's gonna be pictures.

Really ticked.....

July 17 2006
i worked so incredibably hard on this stupid movie, and now stupid youtube is all stupid and stuff, so it wont let me upload that stupid movie!!! argh..... it's all too stupid......


July 13 2006

The Backyardigans!!!!!

Nuf said.....

just a few things

July 09 2006

firstly, timmy left today. it's sad. secondly, i dont want to eat another starburst in my entire life.

anyway, i dont think i'm very liked on phusebox. i used to get a lot of remarks, now i get, like, none-1. it kinda makes me sad a little cuz i have so many friends and very few who care : (   .

be nice, please comment. it'll make me go like this :  )   .

White Water Rafting

July 08 2006
I got back from camping yesterday and it was awesome. Me and my cousins went white water rafting twice. The first time was fun since we had 5 people in the raft. The second time was life threatening because we had 4 people in the raft and we had a bad raft. It's supposed to have holes in the bottom to drain out any water that comes in but this one didnt so every time we hit a rock, a bunch of water would fill up the raft and we would either start sinking or start capsizing. It was fun.


July 03 2006

yay, my awesome cuz is over!!!!!!!!

A whole bunch of stuff. This is long.

July 01 2006

I'm tired and congested. I want to sit in a corner, curl up and die right now. My head hurts and I'm tired cuz lately I've been having awkward nightmares that I'm a dude and I'd wake up at 3 in the morning sweating with relief that I am female but then I wouldnt be able to go to sleep because my vicks niquil wore off by then so, yes, I'm not happy. Plus, I had to get up and 6 this morning but ended up getting up at 6:40 with my mom yelling "YOU HAVE TO BE AT CHILIS IN 10 MINUTES!!!!". It's been a rough day.... luckily, my cool cousin's coming over today to make it all better. This has been stuck in my head allllllllllllll day. Stupid Ringer movie.....: 

"I'm Jeffy. I like apples!"

"I work at Burger King! Would you like fries with that?"

"So, are you on the computer?"  "No, I'm walking my dog!"

"You scratched my cd."  "I'm sorry, i didnt mean to."  "You picked it up in broad daylight... and you scratched it."

"Billy, can you pass the ketchup?"  "*giggles* I can!" "Billy, can you please pass the ketchup?!?!"

"Hey, how many fingers do I have?"  "Uhm... 10."  "No, 8 and 2 thumbs!"

"I love Dirty Dancing! They're dancing, and it's dirty!!!"

"When I was 6, my uncle would give me long awkward hugs."

"Wow, I love camping!"

"Should I wear my shirt up? Or down? Up? Or down, or POSSIBABLY.... tucked in?"

"Be quiet! Stavi's trying to talk!"  "No, I'm not Stavi, the gut with no finger's is Stavi."

"You know, you scratched my cd."  "Yeah, I thought we put that behind us."

Then there was the pancake breakfast. That was pretty fun. My best friend came and I got to serve her. That was pretty weird. I'm gonna take a nap or sumthin. bye

Things are lookin up!!! and down....

June 27 2006

I'm FINALLY getting somewhere with my "Ali really really needs money to go to National Fine Arts" fund!! i have about $150 dollars in there!! only $460 to go!!! so things are really lookin up!!

on the downside, i think one of my best friends is backsliding. gr, this happens too much. i really need to step up and do something about this cuz this happens to all, and i'm not exaggerating when i say ALL, my friends.

wow, i'm worn out. i didnt do much today except went out and got a kiddy pool ( for my dog ) and me and my friend kirby just kinda sat in it. we couldnt do much else since it's only 5 feet wide, but somehow we make everything we do fun. oh, that must be why im so tired, i just remembered she slept over last night and we stayed up till 3 in the morning watching a "strangers with candy" marathon and prank calling restaurants! wow that was fun. oh, and go see the ringer, it's awesome!!