April 27 2006

An AmAzInG night tonight. So much fun. So much moshing. So much music. So much im tired so im going to bed now.



April 04 2006

Well I no longer have myspace, but ill keep this.

Ummmmm........Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Mmmmmmmmhmmmmm, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


March 16 2006

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I want these

February 20 2006

Ok well nothing much to really say. Umm these are the 2 things i want the most right now, ( i know ill never get the bass but i still want it ).




January 04 2006

I am soooo Effin bored..........................................

One fun day

December 04 2005

Whats up everyone? nm here just sitten in class. dude today was the best. me and alot of ppl got to go on a field trip to opry mills to see the movies and eat there. it was so fun. when we got in the movies, we were supposed to like sit in one section, but me, thomas, and ryan got up and sneaked away to site with some chicks. lol we were like hitting on like 7th graders.lol. then we saw some highschoolers finally so we went to sit with them. i think our school and the other highschool was the only two highschools in there, like everyone else was little. well it was AWSOME, but i swear i think them 7th graders were following us after the movie was over. well i guess im going to go. later.

Nothin much

December 01 2005

Im sitten in class bored and theres nothin to talk about.....Leave me some. Later