Still in Arkansas

June 15 2006

I'm still in Arkansas. My Grandma had her knee surgery yesterday.  She's doing good, but her knee hurts a lot.....we're gonna have to stay an extra day.  My cuz is getting on my nerves!!!!!!!!!!!!


June 10 2006
Hey, I'm in Arkansas hanging with my cuzes!!  I'm here for a whole week..yay...  I read this book that Holly let me borrow and it was SO good.  It's called The Perks of Being a Wallflower.  It's very interesting.

Expresso Joes!

June 07 2006

I'm at Expresso Joes right now.  I'm having a Jittery Monkey.  It's so good.  When I can drive, I coming here everyday.  I hope that this can be my new hangout place!!!  Hope that everyone is doing good!


June 05 2006
I'm So BORED!!! I'm over at Holly's house and she talking on aim. I went to see the Davinci Code..(hope I spelled that right)..we went to Expresso Joes after! Oh its soooooo good...I love coffee.


June 04 2006
Wow, my first blog.  My friend help me set it up. I hope that I get oodles of friends!  If you know who I am feel free to contact me...if you don't, feel free to contact me.  My fave color is green if you can tell...sry thought I'd be random...  I've had an oober summer...but I miss a lot of my friends...