ok..here it is

November 29 2005

Ok, so i'm gonna let my love life do it's thing. i'm not gonna look for anyone because right now i need to worry about other things. love should be the last thing on my mind..and it will be...i'm not trying to rule out love all together, i'm just gonna spend my time while i'm single not worrying about who i'm gonna date. I'll date people, but i'm not gonna obsess over why i'm single. that's stupid and being single is FUN!  i know this is a dumb post but it's what i've been thinking about for a while now...

OH! i watched Bubble Boy last night! SUCH A good movie!! i love that movie. Jake Gyllenhaal(spl?)...nice!

the brian king kenobi

December 08 2005
i get more comments because people love me more than you.