October 21 2005
well nothing really happened today..i went to kelps house and she carved a pumpkin then flung the inside gut crap at me...then we went to get pizza......im to bored to type.....and i prolly won't ever use this again.......lol......lisa wouldn't stop buggin me to get one so i got one to make her shut up.....lol


October 23 2005
hey SKYLER!!!! NOT SKILER!!! where u @ church TODAY?!?!?! humms.. i dont think i saw u if u were. i mean its a small church how could i NOT see u if u where there.. i saw kaleb and kaitlyn.. but NO skyler... humms.. what r u ganna be for halloween?? i think me n lisa r ganna be COWGIRLS!! daisy DUKE!! jkjk.. lol.. but my mom wont give me ne $$$ for some cowboy boots n a shirt.. so i have to but it w/ my OWN $$$ i might just end up being someting else.. idks... lol.. u ganna be @ the PARTYA on SUNDAY?!??!?!