December 08 2005
i definitely feel really really old compaired to many of the other members of this site.... i graduated high school in 01 and many of the others i see around here have 09.... wow, that's all i've got to say


December 07 2005

i am so excited that i found this website.  i got to exploring it a little more tonight and felt in a way at home. so many of you all share the same tastes in music and it makes me so excited.  most of my friends do not share my tastes in music and it's great to finally see that there are others out there who enjoy the same musicians as i do!!!  just wanted to share with you all that it's wonderful to find you all and i hope to hear about other artists that i may want to share with me!  


December 06 2005

so i joined this phusebox thing because i saw on andy davis' website that he was the featured artist here, but i don't know what that means because i'm still not sure what this site is for... but hey i thought i'd try... and by the way andy davis is an amazing musician...

just a few tid bits about me... i love the color orange, grey's anatomy is my favorite show, and i miss all my sisters (life isn't as fun after college, at least not right away)