Jeana Lewis


mini vacation

May 11 2006
What a week!  It's been a bit hectic.  Maybe it's just me but things seem to have piled up a bit and I don't handle that too well.  When there are several things that need to be done at the same time I seem to go into overload mode and sort of freak out.  I CAN'T HANDLE THE PRESSURE!!!!  

So how am I gonna handle it?  I'm going out of town!  Randy is teaching a motorcycle safety class in Cookeville this weekend.  It just so happens that 3 of my most favorite people live there and are available this weekend.  So...

Randy and I are going over on the motorcycle on Friday and won't be back until Sunday evening.  Randy will work and I will play - with my grandson!  He's... well... practically perfect in every way!  I do love that little boy!  I'm pretty crazy about his parents too of course.  We're gonna hang out and piddle around and talk baby talk and who knows what else.

Yes, it stresses me a bit to leave town with knee deep grass in my yard and a dirty house and graduation plans to think about but I console myself by remembering that it'll ALL be here waiting for me when I get back.  ugh.

That's okay - it'll get done - or it won't.  Some things are more important than a clean house and a nicely kept yard.  This is one of them!  Time with people I love and some rest and relaxation rate high on my list of important things.

Ya'll have a fantastic weekend!  I sure plan to!!!


Why so critical?

May 08 2006
Why are people so critical?  I'm not just talking about other people.  It's me too!  Why do we criticize each other?  Why do we point out other people's failings?  Why do we put other people down?  How totally arrogant is that???

Does it make us feel superior?  Does it make people like us more? Does it in some way make us feel better?

It's aweful and I'm working on not doing it!

If anyone reads this and thinks I'm talking about you in particular - I'm not.  I've just been really noticing it all around for a while now and I don't want to be like that.  This isn't directed at anyone in particular!!!


April 27 2006
The Dessert Theater last night was a huge success!  All 12 of the Fine Arts entries went GREAT!  Congratualtions to you all!!!  The silent auction (desserts) raised almost $1,000 and we received just over $1,000 in the offering!!!  I can't remember EVER making $2,000 on ANY fundraiser we've ever had. 

Mrs. Beth O'Berry and Mrs. Debi Crabtree are AWESOME!  They did so much to make it happen!  Beth has a grown a phone where her ear used to be!!! 

The techies did a great job too - even with little practice and late notice!  Thanks Chris (J.), Zay, Ken, Kenny and Ryan (most of which will never see this).  Ya'll thank them when you see them!  Without our techies we'd look and sound lame!

See you all in Franklin Friday!  I'm going over early to help with registration so Randy's taking me on the motorcycle!  :o)

Not ready for Monday

April 24 2006
I need more weekend.  I'm not done with this one yet.  I had lots of fun with people I love being with but I didn't get much of my never ending "to do" list done.  I guess I need to pretend to be an adult on occasion and take care of business.  When I'm bad like that Randy has to come home from a LONG weekend of teaching and do stuff I should/could have done. He never says a word but I feel really guilty! 

I did get Beka some black pants for youth choir, I bought groceries, and cooked a meal (the oreos and milk meal for 5 doesn't count!), did some laundry, cleaned the kitchen, had youth choir practice, oh! and made a pair of slacks for me. I still left an aweful lot undone.

I'm SOOO ashamed!!! Okay, I'm over it!  I don't have time to waste beating myself up for what I didn't do.  As a matter of fact I could be doing something productive right now but No! I checking phusebox!  Okay - gotta go make sandwiches for lunches.

When does life get simpler?  Calmer?  Quieter? Hmmm.....

Just dreaming...

April 13 2006
If you could spend a whole day doing EXACTLY what you want to do, instead of what you have to or should do, what would you do? 

I'd sleep late.  Then I'd get dressed in something sloppy and comfortable and poke around the house drinking coffee and checking my e-mails and phusebox.  Then I'd wander outside and do some yard work  Plant, mow, cut limbs, rake, clean out the pond - that kind of stuff.  Then I'd sweet talk Randy into taking me for a nice long motorcycle ride on a curvy road in the country.  Then I'd take a long hot bath and read my book until the water started getting cold.  After that I'd crash in front of the TV with whoever happened to be around and spend the rest of the evening hanging out with the people I love.

Hmmm... sounds FABULOUS!  Won't happen this weekend but I'm off work on Monday and there's next weekend... I'll have to work on a plan!

See yourself in this?

April 11 2006
I heard something lately that intrugues me.  Christians mature spiritually just like people mature emotionally. 

Babies believe everyone is alive solely to make sure they're fed, dry, comfortable and happy.  They can tolorate no discomfort!

Children question everything and try to understand what they cannot. They believe adults (or God in the case of a Christian) know everything and can and will fix anything.

Adolescents think they know everything and get very annoyed when things don't go their way. They expect God to do what they think He should.  They think if someone (including God) doesn't think like they do they obviously just don't have a clue!

Adults understand that it's not all about them.  They know they don't always get what they want or even what they need sometimes.  They know they don't know everything and accept that life happens no matter what you do or think or pray.

Senior citizens live in acceptance and tolerance.  They smile at life's discomforts and at others still in the stages they have passed through.  They enjoy moments as they come each day and wait to see what tomorrow brings.  They seem to be the ones at peace.

Where are you?  I'll admit - I waffle back and forth between spiritual adolescence and adulthood most of the time.

Youth choir!

April 08 2006
The youth choir was amazing today!  Everyone worked hard and tried hard and it really paid off.  I think we actually have a shot at nationals again this year!  Orlando!  Here we come!  I hope...

We need to plan a youth choir party to reward you all for your hard work!  We also need an awesome way to thank Mrs. Vera for her help.  Any ideas?

I love you guys and am proud of you!!!


April 05 2006
People should get their facts straight before they open their mouthes.


April 03 2006
Zay punched me in the face.  He'll tell you I started it but who would believe that???

Come on Summer!!!

March 31 2006
I love warm weather!!!  I'm like a lizard - I need a hot rock to lay on and SUNSHINE!  I was raised in the New Mexico desert.  Maybe that's why cold and gloom are so depressing to me.  I HATE to be cold!!!  Cloudy, gloomy weather depresses me if it hangs around for more than a day.  Yay for yard work and motorcycle rides and heat!!!


March 29 2006
Yesterday was our 15th anniversary.  Fabulous.  While ya'll are "shopping" around for someone to call your own make sure you only consider people you can be happy with for a really LONG time.  :o)  We're blessed!!!


March 25 2006
Okay, so Linda has 2 dresses to choose from for prom.  We took pictures so she could post them and get your opinons. But, I'm impatient so I thought I'd get the ball rolling.  She want's everyone to vote on which one you think she should wear.  To keep it simple let's just call them pink and blue.  Which one do you think she should wear?

They're both gorgeous!  And she's beautiful, don't you think?

Chris' Shiner

March 23 2006
Thought I'd get this out there so Chris could relax.  He's SO proud to have a black eye.  Ugh!  Boys will be boys...

Cotton Candy

March 22 2006
I LOVE cotton candy!  Randy brought Beka and I some the other night.  What a treat!  It tastes great!  It smells good!  It's sticky!  It dissolves when you get it in your mouth.  Yep!  I liked it! And I didn't have to share!

Why our house?

March 14 2006
Someone has been wondering and asking people why teenagers like to hang out at our house.  I would like to give a real answer to that question but I'd rather ask you all than try to explain something I'm not sure of myself.  So... why?

Emotions. Can You Trust Them?

March 10 2006
Moods, emotions, feelings, bad days, good days, happiness, sorrow, anger, is any of that something we can trust?  If not, what can we trust.  I know you'll all say God (and I agree) but is that anything else?

I need a good laugh!

March 03 2006
What's the funniest thing ya'll have heard lately?  I need a serious laugh session!!! If a merry heart is good like a medicine I must  be sick and need to be medicated!  Laughter is actually good exercise too.  NO!  That doesn't mean I need anyone to poke me in the ribs!  Just a cute little joke  or story will do thank you very much!

Surprise Concert!!!

February 28 2006
Tomorrow night in youth (the 1st of March) we'll host Seventh Time Down for a concert!  Their web site is  It otta be good!  Then on Friday night (the 3rd), when Pastors Kenny and Gus are busy Randy and I are gonna take a bus load of youth to a concert in Smyrna to see this same band and Everlife.  Ya'll come now! Ya hear?

Wouldn't this make a great song?

February 21 2006


Reaching, grasping,

Blind, unsure

Afraid to act or speak or try

Never felt so insecure,

Confused. Just want to sit and cry…

I've lost my way.

Where will I go?

I spin around,

Confusion show.

I had a goal

A careful plan

I knew my place

Now I don't know…

Looking, searching,

Cold, alone

I'm lost, and I can't find my way

The path completely overgrown

Perplexed. And if you asked, I'd say…

I've lost my way.

Where will I go?

I spin around,

Confusion show.

I had a goal

A careful plan

I knew my place

Now I don't know…

Hello?  Are you there?

Can you hear me?  Do you care?

I'm here but I can't see!

I need your help!  Can you find me?

I've lost my way.

Where will I go?

I spin around,

Confusion show.

I had a goal

A careful plan

I knew my place

Now I don't know…

Weekend time!

February 16 2006
I'm at work but I don't wanna be.  I'm off Fridays so when I leave in an hour or so I'm done for the weekend. WooHoo!  I'm going to Chattanooga with RELENTLESSjh and we're gonna have FUN!