Jeana Lewis



January 30 2007
If at
first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you.


January 30 2007
hahaha! definately not

adam rodrigues

January 31 2007
hahaha, that's great

Suzanne Morgan

February 04 2007
r u still collecting spoons?

Jeana Lewis

February 05 2007
not so much. People still bring them to me sometimes but I've got so many I've run out of racks to put them in. If I had a better way to display them it would help a lot. I've sorta lost track of who gave me which ones. I wish I had kept better track.

Becca Hicks

February 23 2007
i was thinkin about you tonight..i miss you soooo much!! =[ everytime i come back to visit, i get so bogged down by everyone else that i never have enough time to come back around to you. i feel like we haven't talked in ages...i miss you a lot!! i should come visit you guys one day =] like when there's not a service so i can actually talk to you. haha. okay, we just wanted to let you know...<br><br><br>i was thinking about TBQ and how we got lost in downtown atlanta. haha, wow. what a fun trip...remember the "ugly house"? funfun. i miss those days. i miss TBQ alltogether =[

Becca Hicks

March 05 2007
aw, thanks mom #2! =] *grins* <br><br><br> well then i guess i'll have to come eat lunch with you one day, won't i? haha. <br><br>yeah. pretty sure i signed up for my junior year of classes...dang. it seems like a week ago, i was dreading going to highschool. this is crazy. i don't think i like how fast my life is moving..haha<br><br>but yeah, i'm gonna go to bed now. i love you!!<br><br>&hearts; becca