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Man I Take too Many Pictures...

September 18 2006
but I just love him! 

This is Alden at the springs yesterday.  His daddy was painting.  I was supposed to be studying, but, well, you can see what I was doing!


October 01 2006
Well, they can give them up for adoption or keep them: they should've taken that into consideration when the first had sex. I don't see how selfishness makes someone a victim, and don't pull that "Well what if the father raped them" nonsense. If we limited abortions to merely rape victims, the numbers would be much smaller. Besides, you're a Democrat: I'm sure your belief in government-authorized social welfare will solve it, right? That's what teenaged girls in England are doing, anyway (according to a study made by the Trust for the Study of Adolescence). I just don't have much tolerance for this issue (except with rape and abuse victims) because there are so many ways not to get pregnant, and, most of the time, a couple must have sexual intercourse more than once to have a child, at least in my experience. I just don't see the justification in quelching a life based on inconvenience, and I don't believe adolescents are incapable of making rational decisions about whether to have sex or not. I see you removed yourself from my friend's list: I thought you liked to debate. O well, that's your decision, but I do miss the challenge, you know.