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June 08 2006
So being pregnant at 9 months is just as bad as being pregnant in the first trimester.  You get more sick again. 

I really think that in sex education classes in school they should go through a whole section on what pregnancy actually does to a person's body.  I think if they did this, it would be a better deterent for frivilous sex escapades than just saying "you could get pregnant."

I certainly would have used more caution.


June 08 2006

kelsey shearron

August 10 2006
i hope you are doing well.. i know you probably dont remember me, and i doubt that youll even get this, but i remember you from the youth praise band a few years back and through your brother kevin. i dont know what youve been through but i will definitely pray that God ill bless you and continue to hold you up -kels