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I Think I Should Make a Note

June 05 2006

Alright.  I think I should say something- sort of as a disclaimer, more as an explanation since people can't read my mind.

Often on Phusebox I will see posts that attract my attention.  I will comment on them if I feel I have something worthwhile to say.  Sometimes this is just a word of encouragement to someone that I don't even know, other times it is a more serious and involved comment.  I attempt, if I feel I can, to offer my perspective to any problems presented on the blogs of any certain individual.  Here is where I think I need to explain...

When I offer my advice or my opinion, I personally understand it to be just that- mine.  I don't expect for anyone to change their life or their minds based on what I say.  I do not want to convert anyone to my beliefs because I strongly believe that beliefs are only personal and are different for each individual.  I do however, in my commenting, hope to challenge the individual to look at their beliefs about everything and know what and why they believe what they do.  If they don't know what they think, I am challenging them to figure it out.  I think it is important to think about all the issues in one's life and decide what one thinks using the tools one has available to make decisions in this area.  I hope to challenge people to not be spoon-fed ideas or information but to seek out their own answers.  I think this makes a stronger individual.  I feel it to be of utmost importance to present this challenge whenever possible to help people more clearly formulate their ideas for the betterment of themselves.  Again, I do this only out of the love I have to see people grow, mature, and develop their ideas and themselves.  I hope to be a counselor one day and continue this on a larger scale. 

I hope this clears up any misconceptions people might have about my motives on phusebox.  I have noticed that most people on here probably do not think anywhere near the way I do, and that is more than okay.  I do respect those differences when they are well-formulated.  I feel it is good, also, to present a different side to individuals when any issue comes up.  I will offer that if I feel knowledgeable about the subject and feel I have something worthwhile to say.  Please understand this.

I come in peace :)

Emily is the best...not really

June 05 2006
hey, thanks for the comment. yeah, expresso joe's is the best.