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What a Weekend!

May 15 2006

Sheesh Joey....

So we had a very interesting weekend.  On Friday night, Joey was working out at Barfield for the Beach Party thing they had.  They had dumped all the sand they are going to use to redo the baseball fields onto the pavement and so the Parks and Rec Dept. of the City (who Joey works for) were making the best of it by doing a kick off for summer.  They had a long jump competition for the kids, and Joey decided he'd do it for fun.  Well, he jumped like 12 feet (or so he said), and when he landed his heel on his left foot went all the way through to the pavement.  This resulted in a rolling back of all that tough skin on his heel.  He had to go to the emergency room until like 10 p.m.  The doctor just yanked at a cut off all the skin that was hanging (OUCH!) and bandaged it up...not sure that was a great idea.  So I've had to take care of poor limping Joey- even made breakfast on Mother's Day!  But we went over to my parents' house yesterday, and he cooked kabobs on the grill in the intermittent rain!  That was nice of him.  And I got presents on Mother's Day!  Not from Joey...I think he meant to, but, well, he hurt himself.  My mom and grandmother gave me some great gifts!  It was neat because it was another one of those moments where it hit me that I am a mother...oh boy!

In other interesting news, the night all that happened with Joey it felt like the baby dropped down- possibly into the birthing position.  This usually means about 3-4 weeks until birth...which would be right when I am term, but a month before the due date (which I've kinda expected).  Now it feels like the baby is going to drop out, and I have to pee all the time!  However, I can breathe and eat normal meals because he's not in my organs.  I have also had cramping which I assume to be contractions...Braxton-Hicks probably.  I am going to ask my midwife today about all of it.  According to the old wives' tale about birth and the full moon, your body will wait and have the baby on a full moon.  There should be another one around June 9th and then again like around July 7th...the full moon we had the other night was when the baby dropped (or at least it felt like it)...weird!  Of course, who knows if all that's accurate, but if it is I want the June date please!!