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Not Suprised

May 11 2006
    I guess I had always idealistically hoped that the American Government could be different than all the other governments.  I had hoped they could value things like raising the standard of living, improving education, maintaining citizens' freedoms and rights, etc.  However,  I have been dissapointed, which is my fault for thinking it would be any other way.  I am grateful for the freedom of which I do have- that I have conveniences and such.  However, I do not like that under the current administration my rights are being walked on just a little, or a lot.  The government now thinks they are acting within the law to track all the phone calls Americans make.  I don't think that is possibly legal.  And the Patriot Act- which maybe had good intentions, but it could always be used for personal gain of those in power.  I just think the checks and balances are gone in this country, and we think we have more freedom than we do.  Or maybe we are just slowly losing it.  I don't think we can really just trust the people in power are going to use the information they have for the right things.  They are, after all, just people with agendas and wishes of their own.  And, as we all know, people who get power generally want more.  So I guess I should have never thought that our government would be different; it is run by people...enough said, huh?  Oh well.  I guess it was just a rude awakening (I don't know how I don't see these things sooner).

Josh Morgan

May 11 2006
Actually, I was referring to the little scuffle between you and Chris

the brian king kenobi

May 15 2006
hey, thanks for the comment the other day. as for my opinion on christianity . . . yes, i believe it's the only way, but i don't think denomination matters as much as some people would think. i think that as long as you have the basics straight (the nicene/apostles' creed, for example is what i generally use as a guide) then you're okay. different people relate to God in different ways, so you can't make one blanket denomination to handle everything. or that's what i think, at least.