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I am fuming

May 02 2006
    Generally, I am very level-headed, taking things that offend me in stride.  I understand that people have their own opinions that will most certainly differ from my own, and I am appreciative of that difference.  What I am not happy with and will get angry over is people teaching their opinion as the only way, the right way, or the truth.  Individuals who are in leadership positions or positions of influence, should be careful with what they say.  Ravi Zacharias has written this book called "The True Face of Atheism."  I have not read the book, but from the quotes and the reviews I feel extremely angered.  He portrays atheism as a "hopeless belief" and one "without morality."  This is simply untrue.  Just because one says they have not seen or experienced god or any proof of god does not mean they cannot be just as moral as the next person.  Furthermore, an individual does not necessarily need hope in something to get from one day to the next or have aspirations from their life.  People often say, "Well, what's the purpose of life then?" when I tell them that I am an atheist.  I say that there isn't a purpose- we are just animals existing among other animals.  We are not deserving of anything or entitled to anything.  But even though my life will end one day and there won't be some afterlife (in my opinion), I still have goals for my life.  It would be silly for me to just say that I have to have some divine purpose to live because I am alive and must deal with that.  I choose to assign value to certain things in my life- those that enhance my life while I am here.  And when it's over, it will be over.  Hopefully I have enjoyed it.  You CAN have value outside of a religion assigning it for you- I've been on both sides so I personally know.  Books like the one Zacharias has put out are the type that promote the intolerance we don't need in this world and confuse readers into thinking they are getting a true take on Atheism.  My advice:  If you want a true take on any religions or non-religious beliefs, talk to the members of that group.  Read writings from people who ascribe to that type of thought.  That is the best way to really know about the beliefs you are investigating.  Okay, now I feel a little better.

TOLERANCE...the word for the day.