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April 28 2006
I am tired of being pregnant.

I am very glad that I am more done with carrying the baby than not.  He is due in June.  I will be considered "term" at the first of June so I hope he comes early.  The third trimester has been probably the worst of them all.  Let's recap:

First Trimester: Well, I found out I was five weeks pregnant.  Then a week later I found out I was going to miscarry.  Then a month and a half later, I asked for an ultrasound before the D & C, and low and behold, little Alden was alive and kicking.  The last few weeks of my first trimester- nauseated, a little vomiting, fatigue.

Second Trimester:  I continued the nausea and started being somewhat lightheaded.  I started getting a little bigger in my stomach.  My panic attacks (which I have had since 9th grade) worsened, making public appearances difficult.  I was depressed a lot because I had to be at home.  I had some good days and weeks mixed in there, though, where I was able to go to my parents' house or go to the store.

Third Trimester:  Fatigue, uncomfortable, new back pain, nausea returns more severely, indigestion, more severe dizziness, more home-boundness.  I have been sewing at home to keep myself occupied and to keep my mind off of being sick.  This only works on the less sick days.  I'm trying not to get depressed and distraught.  Sometimes I cry, and Joey has to hold me while I let it all out.  It will all be over soon.

Bright Moments:
Feeling Alden kick
Feeling Alden respond to touch
Sewing projects
Knowing it's going to end very soon
Joey Dail, my comfort and biggest supporter

I suppose I should quit complaining.  It's just so constant.  My advice- do NOT have a baby until you are ready to deal with all that.  Of course, some people don't get sick at all during pregnancy.  If only I could be so lucky.

I promise I'll post something else new and positive soon.  I have all kinds of ideas floating around in my head about the world and my beliefs about dang near everything, so I'll have to let them all out sometime.

Carla Simpson

April 28 2006
yay i'm so glad everything is ok!! i miss you and hopefully after alden gets here, we can do lunch or something! love you doll!