My Super Sweet Sixteen

August 07 2006

well i am now finally SIXTEEN! i cant believe it! its finally here.. i have wanted this for so long! most of you know the whole deal of how i couldnt do some things untill i was for example...well i could never imagine someone going through all that voluntarily and putting themself through that..all that just for me. but i found someone who did and i am so blessed for that person and their pacience toward me. it meant so much to to see him wait it out with me and at the end say that it was all worth it. i am so blessed...and for that reason i would have to say my "Super Sweet Sixteen" was wwaayy better than any one of those kids birthdays on that t.v. show.. even if i didnt get a million dollar car or a huge party in some club somewhere.. i think i got something much greater out of MY birthday and  that means more to me than those material things! so thanks so much Ben for doing all you did for me and waiting for me too. NOW i understand where those kids are coming from when they say...

"No one will ever top this!"

oh yeah, if you guys want to know all the details with me and ben's dinner date then just call or ask me.. i would be more than happy to tell you all about it!!! : )

Jesse Robinson

August 07 2006
awww!!! that is so cute! I love you and am very happy for you!!!


August 07 2006
awww, yea ur my girl. haha, def. i wouldnt want to wait for anyone else. and i dont think i would wait for anyone else. ur one of my closest friend and sister. yea, im glad u had a great birthday, just wait till ur seventeenth. hahaha, that will be a great b day too. have a great night. ill tty in the morning, like regular. night girl.


August 10 2006
hey pretty lady, i love you!