my two weeks!!!

June 29 2006

hey everyone! wow it is so good to be home!! well i finally got the pictures on the computer and thought i would put some on here!!!

well camp was awesome as always...the theme of the week was "Home Makeover.. Life Edition" i was so excited to go! it was a geat opportunity to get in a place where your surrounded by God 24/7! well day before we were to leave my pastor said something that just stuck out in my head all week at camp.. "Take everything to the next level, Stay focused, Live for the Lord. Have a Bright Future...God loves you just the way you are but he refuses to keep you that way." wow this was when i totally knew i was going to get something BIG out of camp!! our speaker was Saun Sears and he just did an awesome job speaking to us, his messages were so clear and he put it into words were we could truely understand the message. it was great! some of our lessons we  learned were how to be a person of influence (1 Peter 2:9) and going down the right path in your life(Psalms 32:8) *exactly what i needed to be learning!  so the last night of camp we learned about making Godly choices and afterwords Saun says, "YOU CAN BE CONTENT WITH ANYTHING BUT ONLY TRUELY HAPPY WITH GOD." wow this is so true so many times do i put things in front of God and where he wants me to be thinking it will all make me happy when in actuality it dosent. so at that moment i made a decision to live my life 100% for God and to live out HIS plan for my life...not my own and also to have every aspect of my life to glorify God. well i would say i had an AMAZING week at camp!!

this was the band that was there! they were so good!!

just one of the songs that we sang and that got stuck in my head ALL WEEK!!!

well this is what i like to call kristens bright ideas at 2 in the morning (after curfew!) we also did a fashion show but sadly no pictures of that... : )

me getting some BIG AIR!!!!

THEN it was on to Florida!!! i had an awesome time! my mom had a business trip to Orlando and so we just decided to turn it into a family vacation!! while she was at her classes me, my dad, and josh went out and did a lot of stuff!! we went to Wet and Wild Waterpark (which  was awesome!!) then we went on a airboat ride through all these alligators and stuff... yeah u go SO fast and like alligators everywhere and there are so seatbelts... i wasnt really feelin the no seatbelt deal!! lol then we went to Universal Studios and to Island of Adventure too that was so much fun! me and josh rode all the roller coasters it was exciting!!! and we also went out to eat at some really great resturants MAN they have some great food down there!!!

that is looking off of our balcany at the hotel! i forgot to get a picture of it at night but it was so beautiful!! farther back is Disney World and at night they would shoot fireworks and we would go out there and watch their fireworks!!!

this was down at the pool!!

this was the airboat place!! they only sit down in the water like 2 or 3 inches so they could go on land too!!

this is where we started from...

that is a ALLIGATOR!!!!!! notice the camera was sideways because i was freaking out while taking this picture!!

i love this picture!!

they had wild ponys too and the guy said this baby one was only 3 days old!!

this is my FIRST EVER TASTE of CHEESECAKE!!!!! mm it was strawberry and i kinda liked it!!

then we went to Ripleys Museum and saw this guy.. hes the tallest person in the world and he is 8'4''!!! that is what it feels like standing next to BEN!! i have to say that made me smile!!!

well i guess u could say i had an AWESOME two weeks but i still missed all of you!!! i cant wait to see u guys again!!! i love ya'll!! have a GREAT day!!!!



kaitlin gay

June 29 2006
i have missed you so much. geeez lousie! SO much. im oh so glad that you are home =) girl, i am so glad that you had a great time at camp! let it not be a spiritual high, but a spiritual growth. you have to tell me all about it! i cannot wait to see your lovely face again.. and it needs to be soon! when are we going to watch fried green tomatoes?!

Chelsea Turner

June 29 2006
Well its about time you come home!! MOTHER OF PEARL! ha i have missed you sooooooooooooo verrrryyyyyyy muccchhhh!!! ah it just hasnt been the same without you...but whats sad leaving and i will pretty much be gone for like 3 weeks thats going to suck..but you must call me!! and i shall you! i love you best buddy!!!


July 02 2006
wow, so thats how u really feel. ok i gotcha, 8' 4"my butt. but its ok, because ur the flyest chick eva

Garrett Haynes

July 06 2006
Ha u are one cool chick kristen, u know that?