im loving this....

March 21 2006

hey you guys! thanks so much for all the comments! i love them!

well this week is going great... wonderful actually! everything just seems to be falling into place right now. im so blessed with all that God has given. wonderful friends, perfect christian boyfriend, and a great loving family. i dont know what else i could ask for. God is just so awesome!

Colossians 3:17 "And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him."

i hope y'all have an amazing rest of the week!you guys are in my prayers!

love in Christ


kaitlin gay

March 21 2006
you are just absolutely adorable.. and i love you oh so very <b>very</b> much =) hope you have a great day!!

ami driver

March 21 2006
you are the sweetest darlin! im oh so glad to hear life's good right now.. love it! well i shall see you tomorrow friend! <3


March 21 2006
awesome. im glad everything is falling into place. its just awesome to sit back and reflect on all of those things that God has given you. thank you oooooooo so much for my note today after school. that made me pretty happy. it was just an awesome suprise. thankyou. and thanks for being awesome. i hope ur subway was the bomb!!!!! lol, and i guess ill cya tomorrow. night girlfriend!!!! haha

kaitlin gay

March 23 2006
seeing you and your beautiful smile makes my every day better.. i love you!

Jesse Robinson

March 24 2006
hey i missed u wed night at church :( Hopefully i will see you sunday


March 27 2006
Kristen... have i told you lately that i love you?? i sure hope you're having an INCREDIBLE time in Panama, right about now! don't forget all those pics you were gonna take for me?!! well i'm praying for you swetie! and i really enjoyed you comin to church w/ me last wednesday.! i had an awesome time! have fun down there! <33 kat

Elizabeth Evans

March 29 2006
i love you teettee! lol

Chelsea Turner

April 15 2006
YEA so uh I pretty much LOVE you(hands on stomach)HAHA OH MAN KRISTEN!!! my lil' camper buddy!!! I love you!!YOU MAKE ME LAUGH!!!we got to hang out sometime soon!!!i love you -your rebel friend....oops! haha


April 17 2006
eeeeewwww chels that is the nastiest thing. her stomach thing. well i dont know, thats prob not as nasty as her laugh she does when it sounds like she is throwing up. but its all good, because u are awesome kristen. i think u are a pretty good reason i go to school. haha, just to see u every morning. along with our other great friends.

kaitlin gay

April 20 2006
well, you are pretty much amazing! i love how you are just so bubbly!! =) it makes me happy! i love you.. alot--


April 20 2006
You make me laugh!!!