March 10 2006

wow it has been so long since i have updated! i have been soo super buisy! anyway, thanks for all the comments u guys they are great!

well im sooo excited because formal is ONE day away! i cant wait!!! all these months i have been stressing out and it is all finally falling into place! its going to be crazy fun!

ill try to update sooner and maybe even some pictures (if i can figure out how to upload them) lol HAVE A FANTASTIC DAY!! i love you guys!

kristen rena'

oh yeah i made this quiz..take it and see how well i know me! 

kaitlin gay

March 10 2006
you are going to have such an amazing time, i cant wait to see pictures!! i love you girl, have a great day! ♥kaitlin

Garrett Haynes

March 10 2006
So i'm pretty sure I made a 70 on your quiz!!!! We need to get some things straight sister!!! Let's see if Ben can beat that score on his first try! lol. See you tomorrow at FORMAL!!!! ~Garrett

Chelsea Turner

March 11 2006
AW YAY!! i hope yall have a WONDERFUL time tonight! i know yall will! just remember...HUGS NOT DRUGS! ha mucho love-chelsea


March 12 2006
i think all i can say is wow, THANK YOU for taking me to the formal, it was amazing. lol, i guess thats all i can really say. haha, ill cya at school tomorrow, night friend.