June 10 2007
i really need someone to talk to.
and someone who'll lend me their shoulder to cry on.
someone to at least listen.

guess what?
no one's there.

go figure.
story of my life.


June 11 2007
i kinda feel the same way. i'm just so fucking angry all the time.


June 11 2007
hey, i'm sorry for that. i was really pissed last night.

Jamie Crabtree

June 11 2007
Helloooooo... you could call me...

Marybeth Jensen

June 11 2007
pretty sure i don't have your number, or i would text you all the time!!! I'm sorry things aren't going great. It makes me sad :-(

Bill Morgan

June 11 2007
I'm 12,000 miles away. How about your Pastor? Also, sometimes parents do listen ...

Meagan McCann

June 12 2007
uhm spec.. im here

The Capn

June 12 2007
i just lost my phone so i have almost no numbers now... i lost like 300 numbers... why can't you call me?