July 31 2005
im really looking forward to school!!! im really goanna try to get really good grades this year!!! i dont want to be grounded again this year!!

can you believe that in less than 2 weeks we will know more than half of the show??? that seems crazy!! but i cant wait till the show is finished!!! ahhh i cant wait...

but i also cant wait till guard ends b/c im really looking forward to swimming!! i miss swimming... b/c i can eat what ever i want whenever i want!! haha and i miss swim meets!!! lol singin IVE BEEN WORKIN ON THE RAILROAD!!! lol thats the best swimming song!!! haha i'm goanna try to get around a 1 23 or so for the 100 brest!!!

after swimming i'm having surgery!!! on my foot and i will miss prolly 2 weeks of school!!! thats goanna be crazy!!! but hey i really think this is goanna be a fun year!!

less than 2 months till i can drive!! ahhh i cant wait!!!

im not lookin forward to sabre's though the next couple weeks... my arms are goanna get a beating!!! haha they already got 1!!! but hey its all worth it in the end!!!

have a great last 2 weeks of summer everyone!!!

im gettin bangs in a couple days!!! lol and gettin my hair cut!!!