July 18 2005
so yea my surgery went pretty good tuesday... i can talk for the most part!!! so i went straight from the hospital to emily's party!! and stayed there till this morning... haha some interesting talks we had!!! but maybe saturday we can go to the lake in the morning!!! if its nice like today!!

car wash friday from like 1-5 or sumthin like that at walmart!!! please come support us!!!

babysittin saturday night!!!

we only have like 5 more aerobics!!! yay!!!

band camp is in like 11 days!!

school is in like 3 weeks and like 5 days!!!

my birthday is in 2 months and 7 days... 16 baby!!!

swimming starts mid september i think!!!

i got alot to look forward to comming up the next couple months!!!


July 22 2005
wow i am ready to get busy again!!!!