Titles are stupid

August 11 2006

Do friends really care for each other? Do [real] dads really exist? It's funny. The proof is there, but I still doubt. I'm like Thomas (the disciple) on emotional steroids.

You know, someone told me that if I don't see what I want displayed in other people, I have to display that trait myself. Too bad I suck at the trait I so desire to see in others (I'm just talking about a few people, not everyone.) Yay...a paradox.


Anyway, I'm pretty excited about my senior year. Four of my teachers I've had before, and I'm on good terms with them. Here's what my year looks like:

French IV Advanced Honors

AP English IV

S1 Psychology Honors/ S2 Business Law 

Virtual Enterprise II honors

Chamber Choir (magically. Didn't see this coming. I tried out at the end of last year, didn't make it, and now Mrs. Gregory says I'm in. Cool. I think?)

and AP Biology.

 Oh, and I finally got a job. Geez, took me all summer. I am now officially employed a Whitt's, the one near Hastings. My first day is tomorrow, and, lucky me, I get to work the busiest hours of the day and on the weekend. It's like they said, "Hey, lets let the greenhorn get completely mauled on the first day!!" lol. Actually, I'm completely pumped about it. I won't be perpetually poor anymore.


August 12 2006
Whoooo for jobage! What are we going to do without Mme. Long??? We shall diiiiiiiiiiiie! I say we go visit her periodically!


August 12 2006
You will love Chamber Choir! It's incredibly fun and the people are amazing.

the brian king kenobi

August 12 2006
whitts? do i get discounted barbeque? pleeeeeease? i need to build up my resistance for memphis.

Garrett Haynes

August 12 2006
nice! free BBQ! Whits is the shiz

Sarah Vermillion

August 12 2006
Hooray for choir and employment! I certainly care for Michael! I don't see him enough. (You.)


August 19 2006
is your new name whitt?