November 07 2005

poop, yeah. that's right! FREAKEN POOP! you got a problem with that?!?!

well, that's all i have to say.. poop.

what's your favorite word? mine is regergatate (sp). and fancy word for barfing. =P.


yay and nay =)

November 01 2005

like, 20! people today was asking if i went to the NIN concert. =(. i wish i could have so bad...
well, i think today was the most i've ever eaten at lunch. lol.

GRR, lol, i can't stand my mother. it's like.. everyday she find something else she hates about me. like my sexuality for example. almost everyone on the planet knows i'm bi and she's known that for -lets see...- 8 years now! and she's just now saying... i don't like it one bit. and stuff like that. ugg, whatever. lol.

i'm going to go. who likes hippos? you know, cause that's my favorie animal =P.

               xoxoxo :+:ashlie:+:


October 30 2005
wow. i got remarks. cool.
i think i like this thing.
umm, well? i really don't know what to write.
so i'll ask a lovely question. =).

do you like playing on swings at the park?

lol. ok. i suppose i'll go now?
buh bye :+:ashlie:+:


July 04 2005
ok. i'm new at this so work with me here. hi. how are you. ha ha.