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Guess who's back!!

March 02 2006

What up my party people!! Haha. Last night was super cool. I really wish I had gone to One Weekend. Here is the rundown of how last night went:

People who went on the trip got up and said what God had put on their hearts during the weekend. All of the stories were moving, but there were a few that really put me on fire!

A couple testimonies were shared, and guys, I now realize that getting up in front of people takes a lot of heart. Especially when you tell them your life story.

Personally, I just think it's so awesome when I see Christian fellowship in action. Sharing every problem; fixing every flaw; and having a little fun; above all...worshiping our amazing Savior; <-- that's what fellowship is. It has to be one of the most amazing gifts that we have recieved.

One last thing, I think I may have found her. The one person who makes me feel...happy. She could be...the one.


Ben Moser

March 02 2006
congrats cousin!