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Almost Christmas!

December 06 2005

I can't wait till December 25!!! WOOT! I didn't ask for much but I got a lot of gifts for my wonderful girlfriend, and I am trying so hard not to spoil the surprise of what they are to her!

If you can't tell, Christmas is my favorite holiday. ; )

Anyway, a lot of stress has been lifted! I finally got my chemistry project turned in so that's a relief. And english class isn't so chaotic anymore. You guys have no idea how overwhelmed I was!

More exciting subject starts now: SIEGEL GAME TONIGHT!! We are gonna slaughter Riverdale...hopefully! See some of y'all there?

Love in Christ,


Aaron Massey

December 08 2005
Rhett's awesome... and yes i really don't know how white i am...

Garrett Haynes

December 08 2005
me = not amazing. Me + Christ = amazing.